try (one's) luck

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try (one's) luck

To attempt to succeed in doing something for which success is not guaranteed, or that will rely at least in part on good fortune. I'll try my luck to see if I can get the lawnmower working, but we may have to bring it to a mechanic. The young billionaire, who made his fortune in the tech industry, is now trying his luck at the pharmaceutical market. I'll try my luck with the odd slot machine or lottery ticket, but otherwise I don't really care for gambling.
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try one's luck (at something)

to attempt to do something (where success requires luck). My great-grandfather came to California to try his luck at finding gold. I went into a gambling casino to try my luck.
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try your luck

COMMON If someone tries their luck, they try something and hope that it will be successful. The most obvious thing would be to try her luck in London. Someone told me there's a railway station at Wexter, and I thought I'd try my luck by rail again.
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try your luck (at something)

do something that involves risk or luck, hoping to succeed.
1964 Mary Stewart This Rough Magic I finally decided, after three years of juvenile leads in provincial rep that it was time to try my luck in London.
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try your ˈluck (at something)

try to do or get something, hoping you will succeed: A friend told me the job was available, so I thought I’d try my luck.
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try (one's) luck

To attempt something without knowing if one will be successful.
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References in classic literature ?
"To try his luck or the certainty?" Rostov asked himself.
He was a younger brother of a good family, and, having no fortune at home, was obliged to look abroad in order to get one; for which purpose he was proceeding to the Bath, to try his luck with cards and the women.
Stuart, and had been prevailed upon to ascend the Columbia, and "try his luck" at Astoria.
One bookseller, seeing his great body, advised him rather to try his luck as a porter than as a writer.
He is going to leave the Firm, and try his luck at the Bar.
Externally speaking, the rising solicitor, who was going to try his luck at the Bar, looked like a man who was going to succeed.
Muhuru Bay MCA Hevron Maira said Okotho was sent home on Friday for exam fee and was out to try his luck in the lake to get the cash.
Holland was in two minds whether uproot and try his luck elsewhere.
That is according to reports in the Sunday People, who say that he is ready to try his luck in China at the end of the season when his loan at West Brom is up.
Summary: Thomas never won anything until he decided to try his luck with the promotion.
However, the Welsh side sent their chief scout up to Lancashire last week - and chairman Huw Jenkins may try his luck again.
But as part of the prize, he was also given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to step onto the hallowed Riverside turf and try his luck at winning a family season ticket in a crossbar challenge.
But whatever happens Haq is still determined to try his luck down south.
Then he decided to try his luck on the English stage; he has been described as a Shakespearean actor "of real promise." When the Second World War began, he returned to Canada, enrolled in the Canadian Officers' Training Corps, and in 1943 was commissioned a lieutenant in the Canadian Army Signals Corps; he saw active service in Italy and Holland.
Jimmy Osmond then headed off with a homemade net to try his luck