try hand

try (one's) hand (at something)

To attempt to do something new; to try something for the first time. I need a new hobby. Maybe I'll try my hand at painting! Thanks for letting Janet come to rugby practice with you. I know she's eager to try her hand.
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try one's hand (at something)

to take a try at something. Someday I'd like to try my hand at flying a plane. Give me a chance. Let me try my hand!
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try (one's) hand

To attempt to do something for the first time: I tried my hand at skiing.
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And thus, he became the first-ever sitting cricketer to try hand in the national politics.
Global Banking News-September 4, 2018--ICBC to try hand at blockchain technology
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-September 4, 2018--ICBC to try hand at blockchain technology
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 4, 2018--ICBC to try hand at blockchain technology
More consumers are thus likely to try hand dishwashing and there is also likely to be growing interest in value-added products that offer attractive fragrances and shine.
For those who have always wanted to try hand lettering, but aren't quite sure how to begin,c, through Summit Media, has just released her first book on lettering.
Visitors can even try hand carding (brushing and de-tangling) the wool and meet alpacas and llamas.
Allow students to try hand held massagers, hot and cold packs, a Rebozzo, and birth ball during labor practices (ICEA Guide, pp.
On these evenings, visitors can meet the bell ringers, enjoy demonstrations and displays and even try hand bell ringing before entering the bell chamber itself, where they will see at close quarters the heaviest and highest peal of bells in the world.
Well known conservationists and having extensive experience with elephants, they made the commitment to try hand rear baby Kunda, as they named him.
After an event they organised - an exhibition and sale of hand painted cards, crafts by different talented people; she found some bottles of colours left; wondering what to do with it, she decided, "Why don't I try hand painting T-Shirts with them."
The family was hesitant to allow him try hand on motorbike stunts.
When it rose above 100[degrees]C within five minutes, I told her to try hand soldering again.
Try hand and foot painting and find out how messy play can be fun.
Only a qualified reflexologist should practice on the feet, but anyone can try hand reflexology, which can be equally effective as first aid reflexology or as a quick and simple energy booster when you're feeling low.