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try for (something)

1. To attempt to achieve, accomplish, or win something. She's trying for a new world record in this weekend's race. He's trying for the championship title in today's match.
2. To put someone on trial for some alleged crime or offense. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "try" and "for." The authoritarian government has been trying a number of high-profile writers for treason. The Feds only had enough evidence to try the gangster for embezzlement.
3. To go to someone in the hopes of obtaining something from them. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "try" and "for." A: "Oh, shoot. I don't have any sugar to make cookies." B: "Why don't you try the neighbors for some?" I tried Mr. Smith for advice about my project, but he wasn't any help.
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try someone for something

to put someone through a court trial for some crime or wrongdoing. The prosecutor wanted to try Harry for fraud. Anne was tried for shoplifting.
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try for something

to try to win or achieve something. I am going to try for the silver trophy in this year's race. Will you try for a place on the team?
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Rhys Williams scored a try for Penclawdd and also kicked 13 points alongside a try by Richard Francis
Jon Didcot scored a consolation try for Abergavenny and Carl Walbyoff kicked eight points.
Fly-half Gareth James landed both conversions while lock Gavin Evans had crossed for a try for the home side.
Wing Richard James replied with a try for the Sardis Road side and fly-half David Owen landed a brace of penalties and a conversion.
But the away side stormed to victory with a second try for Peacock sandwiched in-between a Cull drop goal and conversion eight minutes from the end.
Luke Gross replied with a try for the Scarlets before Lewis' second and the boot of Ceri Sweeney proved enough as the home repelled a late Llanelli surge.
However, a second try for Marn and a score from Ian Spence edged Halifax further ahead.
Wing Brynmor John replied with a try for the Athletic and fly-half Nick Thomas landed a penalty.
Coventry secured their bonus point with a fourth try on 23 minutes with a sparking try for Martin Davies and a third conversion.
Barry Muir converted an Oscar Wingham try to level matters on 28 minutes but Swindells converted Alan Dickens' try and in stoppage time Manchester scored another converted try for a 14 point advantage.
Elliot Spencer scored a try for Nottingham followed by a penalty by Southam.
Mark Thomas touched down a welorked try for Nuneaton which he converted himsel and Steve Curtis consolidated their lead with an unconverted score.
Rob Myler scored the first Worcester try after seven minutes while Paul Williams scored a try for Cardiff converted by Liam Botham.