try at

a try at (someone or something)

1. A chance or opportunity to do or attempt something. Well, I haven't fixed a motor in nearly 10 years, but I'll certainly make a try at it. You had your chance, now let your brother have a try at breaking the piñata. Give Sarah a try at the equation. I bet she can solve it!
2. An attempt to best, defeat, or assault someone. Watching him smile that smug, self-important smile, I thought to myself how much I'd love to have a try at him—one on one, with nothing but our fists! A: "This doesn't seem like any ordinary thief. He's always one step ahead of us." B: "Give me a try at him, Chief. I think I can bring him in." She made a name for herself as one of the best racers in the world in the span of just one year. Now, every professional worth their salt wants a try at her.
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*try at someone

 and *shot at someone; *crack at someone; *go at someone *stab at someone
an attempt to convince someone of something; an attempt to try to get information out of someone; an attempt to try to train someone to do something. (The expressions with shot and crack are more informal than the main entry phrase. (*Typically: take ~; have ~; give someone ~.) Let me have a crack at him. I can make him talk. Let the new teacher have a try at Billy. She can do marvels with unwilling learners. Give me a crack at him. I know how to make these bums talk.
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*try at something

 and *shot at something; *crack at something; *go at something; *stab at something; *whack at something
to take a turn at trying to do something. (*Typically: take ~; have ~; give someone ~.) All of us wanted to have a try at the prize-winning shot. Let Sally have a shot at it. If you let me have a crack at it, maybe I can be successful.
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Will Rees-Hole thought he had ended any hopes of a comeback with a superb interception try that was converted by Thompson but Josh Weeds kept the game alive with a try at the death, which was converted by Sutton.
"To get the bonus point win on a penalty try at the end was fantastic," said Silva.
Coventry conceded a penalty try at a scrum to go behind inside five minutes.
argued that Leeds could score a try earlier than Hull, so at first glance the obvious trade would be to either buy the time of the first Hull try at 17 or sell the first Rhinos at 15.
A number of breaks from the home backs failed to bring reward and straight after prop Rhys Thomas was yellow carded, referee Hennessey awarded Bridgend a penalty try at a scrum.
considering, but selling the time of the first try at 17 with IG may be the best play, writes Mark Langdon.
He scored his first try at scrum-half and the second at full-back after a reshuffle which came when No.