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try something (on) (for size)

1. Lit. to put on an article of clothing to see if it fits. Here, try this on for size and see if it fits any better. Please try on this shirt for size.
2. Fig. to evaluate an idea or proposition. Now, try on this idea. Try this plan for size. I think you'll like it.
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Broster steadied the ship with his second try for Macc but there was no stopping Stour as prop Stef Thorp and then flanker Luke Veeble both crashed over from close range.
Moments later, Charles Odongo of Nakuru made a brilliant run on the touchline and scored a try which Ominde converted.Okwaro reduced the leeway in the 72nd minute for Oilers when he scored a penalty.
The high tempo continued as Cardiff got their first points of the afternoon through a Ben Thomas try. The centre chased his long kick and managed to pick up possession for an easy try.
BRIDGEND - Tries: A O'Driscoll, J Murphy, I Merriman, Penalty try; Cons: W Holley (2).
GRIX 7 Injury to Waterhouse gave him his starting chance and justified it with try and gutsy display.
Thirsk added a converted try. UNDER-15 West Hartlepool 12 Acklam 51 IN the third meeting of the sides this season, Acklam won for the second time, showing how far they have come since losing to West early in the campaign.
IG - S Long performance: 58-62 (1pt per try minute, 10 try, 15 first try, 25 St Helens win, 50 man of match; Player match bets (10pts most tries, 5 per try won by): 0-2 Wellens/Gardner, 1-3 Wellens/Gidley, 0-2 Gardner/Gidley; 2-4 Pryce/Long, 1ch Gidley/Meli; 0-2 Roby/Cunningham; 1-3 Gilmour/Wilkin, 0-2 Murphy/Greenshields, 1-3 Mogg/Jones.
CHEEKS Put some glow on those cheeks with cream formulas in icy pink and rose, or try a very light bronzer.
try low-fat, low-protein liquid calorie/electrolyte solutions pre-race
Left-wing Maxwell claimed the opening try in the fourth minute and added two more as the visitors raced into a 21-0 lead after 35 minutes.
We have continued to try to promote that and to provide ways to teach and train using the Internet.
We all know, or at least we all should realize, that reality is more complex than any of us can claim to understand, so our job as scholars is to try to bring a little clarity out of the complexity, to try to create useful, working knowledge out of what might seem chaos.
I want abstraction to be more than a style, or a backdrop, so I try to build a context for it in my work--often I make a kind of fantasy architecture to house the abstraction.
What I'm talking about is the "Yoda factor," which is the difference between "trying to do CPOE" and "doing CPOE." In the "Star Wars" movies, when Jedi Knights-in-training complain that rising above their current abilities is too hard, Master Yoda admonishes them with: "Try not.