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try something (on) (for size)

1. Lit. to put on an article of clothing to see if it fits. Here, try this on for size and see if it fits any better. Please try on this shirt for size.
2. Fig. to evaluate an idea or proposition. Now, try on this idea. Try this plan for size. I think you'll like it.
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It's Billy Odhiambo and Ouma's breaks that brought some thrills into the match but Ouma's last pass to Dan Sikuta spilt over the try line.
Neath now had Welsh international Dafydd Howells on as a replacement and he ran strongly from his own half for a solo try and Tom James aded an interception.
GRIX 7 Injury to Waterhouse gave him his starting chance and justified it with try and gutsy display.
Then a superb Tom Hughes tackle close to the try line denied Thirsk.
Exporters with underlying trade documents denominated in TRY: Once the contract is established, the exporter will borrow in TRY, sell TRY against PKR and utilize PKR for its local operations.
Aberdare celebrated a fine 28-16 win over Abercynon at the Ynys, thanks mainly to a fine try hat-trick by flanker Dan Lewis and one by wing Rhodri Jones to gain the bonus point.
The Hoppers finally got on the scoreboard courtesy of a Darren Wilson try but this was only light relief as moments later Takarangi touched down for his second try.
If I end up at a place and the loop's set up and everyone's doing it, I'll definitely give it a try.
CHEEKS Put some glow on those cheeks with cream formulas in icy pink and rose, or try a very light bronzer.
try low-fat, low-protein liquid calorie/electrolyte solutions pre-race
We have continued to try to promote that and to provide ways to teach and train using the Internet.
With the Technique of the First Try, you formalize your practice space to reflect these two performance realities.
The former Parramatta man has scored 13 tries in 30 appearances for the Wildcats in an awesome debut season in England and his try minutes look on the cheap side at just 13 with IG.
We all know, or at least we all should realize, that reality is more complex than any of us can claim to understand, so our job as scholars is to try to bring a little clarity out of the complexity, to try to create useful, working knowledge out of what might seem chaos.
I want abstraction to be more than a style, or a backdrop, so I try to build a context for it in my work--often I make a kind of fantasy architecture to house the abstraction.