trust (someone or something) with (someone or something)

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trust (someone or something) with (someone or something)

1. To allow someone or something to care for or have custody over someone or something. I'm trusting the dogs with my brother-in-law while we're on our honeymoon. Many people feel uncomfortable trusting their family members with nursing homes. I don't know if you should trust the car with Jake like that.
2. To give someone confidential information with the belief or hope that they will keep it a secret. Can I trust you with a secret? Tammy and I have started dating! He's proven that he can't be trusted with such sensitive information.
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trust someone with someone or something

to leave someone in the care of someone or something. Can I trust you with my uncle? He needs to have his medicine right on time. I am sure I can trust you with the money. Don't leave that cake with me. I can't trust myself with it.
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trust with

To grant discretion to someone confidently: Can you trust them with your credit card information?
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Many actors in this business, yours truly included, have at times in our careers unwittingly stepped into a land mine or two, and it gives us such relief that here's someone who trusts us with the material we've been handed, and trusts us to give the best portrayals we can.