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Similarly, [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (or [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) is equal to 1 if u is a truster (or a trustee) and equal to 0 otherwise.
In everyday life, trusters are less likely to lock their doors at night or use guns to protect themselves.
The definition of trust implies that the truster becomes vulnerable to the trusted party.
The Truster was used to analyse a speech made by Bill Clinton, when he denied ever having a sexual relationship with White House aide Monica Lewinsky.
risk) Pearce asserts that cognitive trust and trusting behaviour can only occur when "the truster has some confidence in his expectations for the other's behaviour [predictability]" (p.
where: a is the truster agent, b is the trustee agent and cr (Correctness), cm (Completeness), fix (Flexibility) and rs (Response time) are the evaluation criteria.
The willingness to take th[e] risk [to trust] turns on both the magnitude of the perceived risk and the degree of harm that the truster will suffer if it turns out that the trust was misplaced.
at 138 ("To trust is to let another think about and take action to protect and advance something the truster cares about, to let the trusted care for what one cares about.
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Of more immediate domestic interest could be a neat little device called The Truster (pounds 35, pcworld.
The Truster Lie Detector uses a unique sonic stress analysing technique to indicate whether porkies are present.
Being a high truster is associated with a variety of personality characteristics.
The Handy Truster measures changes in speech patterns and goes on sale in Asia next week.