trust to

trust (one) to (do something)

1. To have faith that one will perform a particular action. Now that you know what's at stake, I trust you to make the right decision. Can we trust Sarah to close the deal with FlemCo?
2. It is typical or predictable of one to engage in some action or activity. Trust John to make a big deal out of something so trivial! This tax plan is really outrageous. Trust the government to favor big business over middle-class citizens, huh?
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trust someone or something to someone

to leave someone or something in the possession of someone whom you assume will take good care of someone or something. Can I trust my little Jimmy to you? I am perfectly comfortable trusting this money to you.
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trust to

To depend on something: I'd rather plan my financial future than trust to luck.
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References in classic literature ?
De Bracy, to thee I must trust to keep up the spirits of the doubtful, and to guard Prince John's person.
"None but fools trust to luck in play," Dolokhov had then said.
Each moment, however, pressed upon him a conviction of the critical situation in which he had suffered his invaluable trust to be involved through his own confidence.
'I will trust to you, sir,' returned Sissy, 'and you will trust to me.'
Therefore, educators setting up teams or groups in their classes need to pay attention to trust to foster better working relationships among group members.
1991), a will provided for a trust to support the decedent's sisters, maintain family graves and fund religious education; no remainder interest was specified.
As long as the current year income was less than the computed unitrust amount, only the income amount would be paid out, and the balance of assets would remain in the trust to be invested.
A financial power of attorney allows someone you trust to handle your financial matters should you become disabled or incapacitated.
If the gift is to a generation-skipping transfer trust (as defined by IRC section 2632(c)(3)(B)), the nondonor spouse will be deemed to have allocated the unused portion of his or her GST exemption to the trust to the extent necessary to ensure the trust is GST-exempt.
* a model describing the relationships of trust to job satisfaction and to perceived organizational effectiveness,
If Mary establishes an income trust to take control of the income she receives that is in excess of the Medicaid cutoff, she can qualify for Medicaid.
Most executives recognize it's inappropriate to try to use one's trust to manage assets from the grave.
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