trust (one) to (do something)

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trust (one) to (do something)

It is so typically of someone to do something. Trust John to make a big deal out of something so trivial! This tax plan is really outrageous. Trust the government to favor big business over middle-class citizens, huh?
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trust someone or something to someone

to leave someone or something in the possession of someone whom you assume will take good care of someone or something. Can I trust my little Jimmy to you? I am perfectly comfortable trusting this money to you.
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trust ˈyou, ˈhim, ˈher, etc. (to do something)

(spoken, informal) used when somebody does or says something that you think is typical of them: Trust you to forget my birthday!Trust it to rain at the weekend!
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trust to

To depend on something: I'd rather plan my financial future than trust to luck.
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I'd partner confidence low I someone a I I'd partner confidence low I someone a "My confidence was so low I couldn't even speak to anyone or trust someone to have a relationship.
My confidence was so low I couldn't trust someone to have a relationship Jo-Anne Thomson to decided to I thought I'd never find a partner again.
He said: "I don't think you have to know people that well to think you can work with someone or trust someone to help you out."
That says it all - if you can't trust someone to speak without putting their foot in it, are they suitable for an executive role in the first place?
It is not always possible to trust someone to the same extent as before and even if it is, trust is something which has to be earned back.
The overriding significance of licensing was revealed when respondents were asked how much they would trust someone to handle their financial matters.