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Teams want trump cards to be included in five- player retention
As Maria Ward's success indicates, for female players a trump card in the marriage market is a man with title, wealth, and property.
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, with T20 being a format that requires versatility, Bailey believes Australia will boast a major trump card at the upcoming World Cup in Watson's bowling, adding that it is pleasing to know that Watson can still bowl at speeds around 138 km/h like he did against South Africa.
For those in the dark, a trump card can be used franchise to buy back a player they hadn't retained at the start of the auction.
After the sea of information and everyday press conferences, what do the parties have left as a trump card in the pre-election campaign?
And with a trump card like that to play, is the keeper likely to turn off the water?
And there should have been more heavy spade-work put in before the Zurich meeting, instead of hoping the future king would be a trump card.
All parties have used this trump card when an election is due for many years and it never happens.
Their trump card this week could become one of their biggest sellers yet.
JAGUAR Land Rover's multi-billion pound investment in 'green' technology could be the trump card that secures Treasury backing for government support, it emerged today.
Developed in the 1930s, it was a trump card in the hands of the Allies during the Second World War and played a crucial part in operations throughout the world, transporting everything from paratroopers to potatoes.
FOR all its electronic wizardry and sumptuous appointment the XF's trump card is the way it performs on the road.
Michael Hussey, cast as the opposite number on the card to the hosts' NatWest Series trump card - and faring exceptionally well himself in that guise - reports the Aussies believe they may have learned some lessons from their mauling at Bristol two days ago As Ricky Ponting's side prepare to do battle for the second time with the hosts in the triangular series, tomorrow at Chesterle-Street, Hussey hints they may already have picked up a few clues about how to make life a bit tougher for Pietersen.
Another Schwarzenegger trump card is voter dissatisfaction with the way the state is being run.
Simply lay down your Trump card that has the magic words "You're Fired" and he is out of the negotiations.