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well and truly

Completely. I'd rather not make any big purchases until we are well and truly out of debt.
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yours truly

1. a closing phrase at the end of a letter, just before the signature. Yours truly, Tom Jones. Best wishes from yours truly, Bill Smith.
2. oneself; I; me. There's nobody here right now but yours truly. Everyone else got up and left the table leaving yours truly to pay the bill.
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yours truly

1. A closing formula for a letter, as in It was signed "Yours truly, Mary Smith." [Late 1700s]
2. I, me, myself, as in Jane sends her love, as does yours truly. [Colloquial; mid-1800s]
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yours ˈtruly

1 (informal, often humorous) I/me: Steve came first, Robin second, and yours truly came last.And of course, all the sandwiches will be made by yours truly.
2 (Yours Truly) (American English, formal, written) used at the end of a formal letter before you sign your name
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ˌwell and ˈtruly

(informal) completely: We were in the middle of the forest, and well and truly lost.
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yours truly

n. me, the speaker or writer. If it was up to yours truly, there wouldn’t be any such problem.
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yours truly

I, myself, or me: "Let me talk about a typical day in the life of yours truly" (Robert A. Spivey).
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yours truly

I. For whatever reason of modesty (or false modesty) that prevented speakers or writers from using the first-person singular pronoun “I,” the “yours truly” convention was established. It came from the standard letter closing. It sounded mannered when it was first used in the 19th century and even more so now. Other equally stilted circumlocutions for “I” or “me” used in writing are “your reporter” (still found in alumni class notes) and “your correspondent.”
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