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While there are undoubtedly individuals who milk the Welfare State as much as they can, the truer explanation for such statistics is that not enough people are in full-time employment in our region.
What to eat What to wear How to exercise It's long been said that age is just a state of mind - and that's never been truer.
This new translation from the original Greek omits nothing and is a truer reflection of Kazantzakis's playful wording.
The company says it will use a proprietary credit model to help the one-in-six people in the workforce who have complex incomes find a truer measure of creditworthiness.
e old adage about two countries divided by alanguage was never truer e old adage about two countries divided by acommon language was never truer than when Max said he had a perfect gift for the earl - "a pair of Harley suspenders".
A high-resolution Super AMOLED display, with a wider range of colors and truer blacks, makes it one of few Android devices offering Netflix HD.
Hopefully more research will be done to give a truer picture and not seek to platform from comparing pebbles with boulders.
That has never been truer than at present, when a highly emotion-laden political debate over gun control appears to be prompting gun enthusiasts to make additional purchases and to stock up on ammunition as well.
IT is said that it is seldom difficult to differentiate between a Scotsman and a ray of sunshine, and that's truer than it may look from where you're standing.
THE saying it's never over 'til the fat lady sings never rang truer than it did at the weekend for supporters of Take Oath, Ballymac Pet and Kyle Stanley.
The result of this pairing is a brighter image with more contrast and truer color reproduction.
Summary: OCOYOACAC - The maxim that every cloud has a silver lining was never truer than for Mexico's Mastretta car company, which gained world attention after being ridiculed on a British television show.
The poet asks us to take some quiet time to ponder the deeper, truer life hidden within us.
Further to Linda Whitehead's letter, she never spoke a truer word when she said, "I knew nothing of the complicated history of Scottish Presbyterianism." Live and learn.
That will never be truer than at this World Cup, with the South African people getting behind their team like nothing I have seen before.