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* First, the standard is intended for manufacturers or laboratories developing their own tests (LDTs) and applies only to the manufacture of calibrators and control materials that are intended for "trueness" determinations.
Trueness verification in European external quality assessment schemes: time to care about the quality of the samples.
In case the seller possesses a power of attorney on behalf of the owner, buyer should confirm the trueness of the same and then proceed with the transaction.
In my final line tell means not just say, but render truly; things means more than just objects, i.e., things can have connotations like those of rzecz, and really incorporates the concept of trueness to reality, so there are mutually reinforcing nuances in the phrase tell things as they really are that carry strong connotations for the English reader, actually also incorporating the concept of odpowiedni (proper, appropriate, corresponding).
Prior to the stock market crash in 1929, audit reports were generally non-standardized, with relatively short statements attesting to the trueness, fairness, or correctness of companies' financial statements.
Clients and reviewers depend on accuracy (trueness) and precision (sureness).
In these .applications, Abil EM 120- can stabilize pigments ef-fectively which leads to full color trueness. It can be used as well for white emulsion systems as serums, creams and lotions.
Trueness is stated quantitatively in terms of "bias," with smaller bias indicating greater trueness.
Shaw's conformations address directly a fascinating dilemma: the trueness of the image versus the veracity of the depiction.
"I'm lucky that I've been able to navigate those choppy waters with some degree of trueness. I'm grateful for that.
The sixteenth-century Reformed theologian Aretius posed this issue clearly when he argued, "The trueness of the human body brooks not ubiquity." (7) Many people would see this as common sense: If Christ's body is real, it can only be in one place at a time.
We ensured precise measurements through reference materials for the trueness of our measurements and through the drift control and repeatable sample measurements.
(10) Ryle holds that trueness and falseness, and correctness and incorrectness (11) must be qualities or properties resident in the propositions which they characterize: the trueness or correctness of predictions and guesses must be features or properties which belong all the time to their possessors.
And now something about the reality and trueness or otherwise of the premise that Bhutto was a democracy loving person and Sayed an antidemocrat on which professor Chandio has built his whole story.