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Wines named after regional grape varieties, particularly barbera d'asti and nebbiolo d'alba, are well worth finding as they show the trueness of their area.
EP15-A2 includes a five-day testing protocol and simplified worksheets for all data gathering, statistical calculations, and tests of observed precision and trueness.
That sensibility is a trueness to the vision of the creators.
Although there are echoes here of the contemporary influences of the early 70's (Mark Strand, Richard Hugo, Jon Anderson), there's more than enough trueness of voice; as Stanley Kunitz remarked when he chose the book for the Yale Prize, "a subtle and mercurial persona inhabits this poetry .
The limit of quantification (LoQ) is strictly the lowest concentration of the analyte that can be determined with an acceptable level of repeatability precision and trueness.
What was most exciting about the work and the media was its trueness to the market," said Dave Rodriguez, Multicultural Marketing, Ford Division.
Our study may further be questioned with regard to the target setting for bias/traceability assessment, which was not necessarily trueness based (only for 3 of the 8 analytes) (20-22).
It is more power efficient; it is more heat efficient; the trueness of the color is more accurate at the start and will remain more accurate over the lifespan of the light.
The hard-working green staff at Birchwood are justifiably proud of the trueness of your putts and their efforts to strike a balance by allowing the rough to grow long enough to challenge the low handicap players while ensuring the high handicap players do not waste too much time constantly seeking out their ball.
The people round here are wonderful, there is a trueness to them and they can be very supportive," she says.
Primmy isn't as much a 'wearing-the-pants' tough girl as Lin was - but I admire her in the same way that I admired Lin for her principles and her trueness to herself.
Primmy isn't as much a wearing-the-pants tough girl as Lin was, but I admire her in the same way that I admired Lin for her principles and her trueness to herself.
The comprehensive guideline provides information to help material manufacturers in the production and characterization of commutable reference materials as well as assist assay manufacturers, proficiency testing providers, and laboratorians in the appropriate use of these materials for calibration and trueness assessment of in vitro diagnostic medical devices.
The participant's performance was evaluated with respect to trueness based on CAP limits for accuracy (6).
Reference measurement procedures (RMPs) (1) are intended primarily to assign target values to reference materials that function as calibrators or trueness controls for routine measurement procedures (referred to as "routine assays" here).