true to word

true to (one's) word

As one has promised. Ted promised he would be there and, true to his word, he came and helped us move all that furniture. He's the best friend a guy could have.
See also: true, word

true to one's word

keeping one's promise. True to his word, Tom showed up at exactly eight o'clock. We'll soon know if Jane is true to her word. We'll see if she does what she promised.
See also: true, word
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Rafa Benitezhad suggested he was going to field a strong XI before the game, and was true to word, making only four changes from the side which beat Stoke City on New Year's Day.
The Syrian government and its allies have been true to word.
With steadfast innovation and a brand vision that's held true to word, Kiss' focus continues to inspire everything from advertising and marketing to how it interacts with customers on social media.
But true to word, three minutes later our train arrived.
The rhythmic setting of the text is true to word stress while serving a melody that paints the direction of William looking down from the window, up and down the street, and then withdrawing back into the room, all the while laughing to himself quietly and "twirling his green moustaches.
True to word, he managed to catch the end of his team's 2-2 draw.