true colors

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(one's) true color(s)

One's true or honest beliefs, thoughts, convictions, biases, desires, etc.; one's real personality, character, or disposition. Dave said all along that he only wanted this deal because it was in the company's best interest, but he showed his true colors once he realized that he wouldn't get any special commission for his efforts. You will really see your friends' true colors when you call upon them in a time of crisis.
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someone's true colors

Fig. a person's true attitude, opinions, and biases. When he lost his temper at his wife, I began to see his true colors.
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true colors

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The Hare said to him, "I wish you would act sincerely by me, and show yourself in your true colors. If you are a friend, why do you bite me so hard?
Selfish, vain, stupid, trivial in everything- that's what women are when you see them in their true colors! When you meet them in society it seems as if there were something in them, but there's nothing, nothing, nothing!
A fine, bright morning showed me my new surroundings in their true colors; even in the sunshine these were not very gay.
In former years they had marched rough shod over enormous areas, taking toll by brute force even when kindliness or diplomacy would have accomplished more; but now they were in bad straits--so bad that they had shown their true colors scarce twice in a year and then only when they came upon an isolated village, weak in numbers and poor in courage.
My heart went there with you, but I knew that naught but sorrow and humiliation could come to one whom the Devil of Torn loved, if that love was returned; and so I waited until you might forget the words you had spoken to Roger de Conde before I came to fulfill the promise that you should know him in his true colors.
Release date- 23082019 - Moscow - ALROSA is set to host the second annual True Colors auction of natural color diamonds in September.
Just a little digging would have shown this organization's true colors as a right-wing arm of the GOP.
During the campaign season, local candidates are expected to disclose what Casiple says are their 'true colors.'
theatre, including on Broadway, served as artistic director at the Tony-winning Alliance Theatre for more than a decade, and co-founded his own theatre company, True Colors, in the predominantly African American middle-class neighborhood of Atlanta's College Park, home to rapper 2Chainz, the city's mayor, and playwright Pearl Cleage.
Lauper's True Colors Fund released a report Thursday measuring how each state holds up on providing services such as housing and mental health for homeless youth.
An anti-Semite's true colors are shown as he refuses to post answers to his posts unless they villify Israel even more than he does.
From Authors Talk About it: Krysten Lindsay Hager has written a great story for teenage girls in True Colors. Thirteen-year-old Landry Albright had friends convince her to enter a modeling competition.
Commenting Zaev's last statement for one Serbian media, observer Spahiu assessed it as scandalous, showing the true colors of Macedonian leaders who share the same hatred for Albanians.
In 2008, Lauper co-founded (with Lisa Barbaris and Jonny Podell) the True Colors Fund, a philanthropic organization--named for Lauper's platinum-selling 1986 album and its No.