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An image-proposition is necessarily positive: we can image the window to the left of the door, or to the right of the door, but we can form no image of the bare negative "the window not to the left of the door." We can DISBELIEVE the image-proposition expressed by "the window to the left of the door," and our disbelief will be true if the window is not to the left of the door.
If the result of this process is a fact, the proposition is true; if not, it is false.
It does not, for example, throw any light upon our preference for true beliefs rather than false ones.
True Leaf is a leading global cannabis and hemp wellness brand for pets.
READ: True Leaf aims to be a global cannabis-for-pets brand leader
On the issue of police officers being involved in the extrajudicial killing of suspects, 66 percent believed this to be true - with 28 percent of them tagging the accusation as 'definitely true' and 38 percent tagging it as 'probably true.' Again, only 5 percent believed the accusation to be 'definitely or probably not true,' while 28 percent said they were undecided.
True Leaf Medicine International Ltd., a plant-forward wellness brand for pets and their owners, has announced its best sales quarter ever for the three-months ended September 30, 2018.
True Food Innovations acquired all Chef'd assets, for an undisclosed amount, and plans to consolidate these assets into the existing businesses of True Food Innovations.
Casey Moran, creator of TRUE PATH says, "Instead of asking the questions...
Is it true that he is in the safe custody of a powerful and important player in the province?
True: Two of the hearts allow blood to circulate to the gills, the third through the body.
They scrutinized 190 claims by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who has made fewer public appearances than Trump, rating 18.4 percent true, 32.6 percent mostly true, 23.7 percent half true, 12.1 percent mostly false, 10.5 percent false and 2.6 percent pants on fire.
- The US Food and Drug Administration has cleared US-based diabetes products provider Trividia Health, Inc.'s True Metrix Go Self-Monitoring blood glucose system, the company said.
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