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trudge along

1. To walk onward with heavy, laborious steps. We trudged along through the thick mud, weighed down as much by hunger and fatigue as by our packs. Are we almost there yet? We've been trudging along for over an hour!
2. To walk over the length of something with heavy, laborious steps. I trudged along the sidewalk that led to my office building, dreading the confrontation I would have with the boss. The kids trudged along the trail behind their parents in sullen silence.
3. To make progress at a slow, arduous pace. The work was horribly tedious, but I just put on my headphones and kept trudging along. I know the last few weeks have been hard for the whole team, but we've got to trudge along to the end.
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trudge through

1. To walk through some environment, substance, weather, etc., with heavy, laborious steps. We trudged through the thick mud, weighed down as much by hunger and fatigue as by our packs. I hate having to trudge through this awful wind each day on the way to work. We trudged through the mountains for hours in search of our lost comrade.
2. To progress through (some task or activity) at a slow, arduous pace. The data-entry work was horribly tedious, but I just put on my headphones and kept trudging through the spreadsheet. I know the last few weeks have been hard for the whole team, but we've got to trudge through to the end.
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trudge along

to plod along on foot. It seemed as if we trudged along for miles. As we trudged along, we forgot how cold it was.
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trudge through something

1. Lit. to walk through snow, sand, or something similar. We trudged through the hot sand all the way down the beach. I used to have to trudge through snow like this all winter to get to school.
2. Fig. to work one's way through something difficult. I hate to have to trudge through these reports on the weekend. I have to trudge through a lot of work before I can go home.
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That's a great deal of Trudging Around In A Lot Of Mud, by anyone's standards.
You know, players trudging round the ground at the conclusion of their last home match.
Damon and Affleck: walking, traipsing, trudging, stopping, building a fire, resting, regrouping, walking some more.
Nick doesn't run away from home--he walks away, trudging halfway across the state to stay with his flighty but caring Aunt Wanda.
Still, it's worth trudging through these passages for insights into a history unknown to most Americans.
BABE HERMAN, after falling down on a ball hit straight at him, scrambling to his feet, trying to pick up the ball, fumbling it again, kicking it around some more, finally picking it up and throwing it home -- right over the backstop, upon trudging into the clubhouse and being asked, "What happened out there, Babe?" ...
Music fans will be able to watch round-the-clock coverage of festivals including Glastonbury, Leeds and Reading from their own bedrooms, surfing between stages on screen rather than trudging through muddy fields.
A number of friends and myself spent a few days trudging through the mud of various breeders in Wexford, got rained on by the bucketful, drove the 160km or so to Dublin City, spent 15 minutes finding a car parking space, struggled for half an hour to get served spilt beer in cheap plastic glasses, fought our way outside in the pouring rain to get bumped and bruised trying to nick a price, and got soaked on the way out.
Though I wouldn't go that far, they have a power to draw you into their realm of teeming signs broadcast across the page, using characters "which always convey you back to the human image - a human image generally dragging and trudging through deep plowed fields, or something like that," as Bacon told critic David Sylvester.
Every dance, be it a solo for Tchaikovsky on his deathbed or a trudging procession for a bereft populace, seems inscribed in blood.
POOR old Henry found it difficult to live up to the St Bernard image of trudging through snow-swept mountains with a barrel of brandy for stranded climbers.
The weather and geography informed the final product - now transferred to Tampere and performed in a poor theatre style - with the cast trudging in lock-step throughout Moliere's whole play, often naked...with occasional powdered wigs, of course.
As I walked past a spiral staircase, I saw a man -- a stranger -- slowly trudging up the steps.
Multiple views and examples of key works provide in-depth information about selected artists in preference to trudging through the usual lists of monuments and masters.
how he stamped around my mother's kitchen in his crew cut and big black boots, whacking his finger in her face, drilling holes with his army voice repeat after me, i cannot hear you, nod your head, and she did, sitting bent over the dark oval of the kitchen table, nodding till her face drooped into a waxy blur tears steaming down her face like scouring fluid, saying, yes i hear you, yes, i swear sometimes, i want to waltz in, turn the big wooden clock in that kitchen back, and spit on my father, like i would spit on my shoe, rub the crud off, the dull residue gathered from trudging through this world, i want to spit hard, and rub, down to the deepest grain, down to my father's leathery skin, that is my skin, down to the pores, where it all begins.