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FEELING THE STRAIN Neymar's face reveals the pain he is feeling, as he trudged off the training ground (far right)
That evening we trudged the streets again bypassing most places as they "didn't look right or were too empty - "I'm not sitting on our own in a big restaurant".
Millions of pilgrims trudged over mountains in search of redemption, and exercise fanatics still stream in along the well-marked Camino de Santiago.
Surely the ice-cream vendor who parked his van on the bank of the River Trent and attempted to knock out a few cones and the like to passing Forest and Walsall fans - as they trudged, shivering and hunched into the icy winds, towards the City Ground, that is.
As the Mars rover Spirit recently trudged up a rocky edifice known as Husband Hill, the vehicle's wheels churned up material that drew the immediate attention of scientists.
With disarming confidence, 9-year-old Hannah Burnette played the title role, wielding magical peacock feathers to restore love and optimism to the world-weary group of eight who trudged around with chests sunken, arms hanging sullenly, feet sickled.
Most fighters trudged through a dreary limbo, never daring to think about home or what life might be like after an endless war.
Officers with dogs trudged through flooded lanes in a storm to reach the home in the foothills of Snowdonia, North Wales.
As we trudged to the recreation office, he never mentioned money.
HAVING TRUDGED THROUGH the muted reliquary that was Paul Schimmel's 1998 survey "Out of Actions" at LA MOCA, one local critic closed his review with the complaint, "You had to be there." These familiar words of apology gain a particular poignancy when applied to the works of Chris Burden, which coax an often devastating lyricism from the discrepancy between an intense action and its openly insufficient record.
The manager endured an earful of "Sort it out Sturrock" as he trudged down the tunnel.
Years later she thought of the door how when she'd finished the dishes & looked up at his green car pulling out of the driveway she'd trudged to the door half-asleep to peer through the screen at a puff of exhaust rising over the RFD mailbox
Battle-scarred veterans of Corregidor, the Bataan death march, and the Japanese prison camps trudged from Santa Fe to Chimayo--some barefoot--to thank the Holy Child for bringing them home safely.
I trudged into the screening room with grim expectations and came out exhilarated.