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trudge along

to plod along on foot. It seemed as if we trudged along for miles. As we trudged along, we forgot how cold it was.
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trudge through something

1. Lit. to walk through snow, sand, or something similar. We trudged through the hot sand all the way down the beach. I used to have to trudge through snow like this all winter to get to school.
2. Fig. to work one's way through something difficult. I hate to have to trudge through these reports on the weekend. I have to trudge through a lot of work before I can go home.
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To make this discovery, the scientists had to trudge through a wet salt marsh to dry places where the birds roost.
If readers can trudge through the first few dry chapters, it will be well worth the wait.
Author Beth Kendrick has created characters with complexity and sarcasm who trudge through the heaviness of loving in spite of themselves.
We scour the landscape of our needs and our feelings and trudge to church with our jars and buckets, hoping to get filled up with at least enough to get us through the week ahead.
There, barely discernible figures trudge toward a mountain; above, a small brownish slice of sky remains untouched by the ecstatically colorful rays of the sun.
500 to 600 so-called British Muslims get up and trudge off to fight for this maniac.
But he claimed the company began looking at 4WD delivery options after several vans got caught in snow, and staff had to trudge on by foot in order to make their deliveries.
Why trudge through galleries when you can sail through catalogs of paintings, sculptures and installations online?
Don't just trudge through the sludge of poorly written finance books that weren't written with you in mind.
The standard, 8-foot-wide, double-loaded corridor-- often unremarkable and Disorienting--leaves residents with no place to congregate near their rooms and no desire to trudge all the way down to a central hub.
I meekly started to trudge back home, very narrowly escaping serious injury when a diaper service truck whipped past me.
Trudge under a blanket of darkness ever-alert someone is going to pounce.
All the travellers from Amsterdam arriving at Cardiff are required to trudge up many stairs, merely to present passports to the immigration officials, and then stagger back down the stairs to the baggage hall.
My elephant never did trudge on his own over the Crimea.
THE fact that trudge euphoria chose not to capitalise their name may be an indication of a subconscious lack of confidence but then it could just be a surfeit of self-conscious psuedo-trendiness; either way, the journey they've embarked upon is a dangerous one, fraught with band-swallowing bogs.