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truckle to (someone or something)

To be subservient to someone else; to assume a servile or obsequious manner toward someone. Those who truckle to their government without question will be the first to be exploited by it. It's very clear that the senators on this committee are truckling to the interests of major corporations. It won't help your career to truckle to the boss like that.
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truckle to

To be servile or submissive to someone or something: All the peasants in the fields truckled to the king.
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A reader suffering from brain cancer accused the newspaper of truckling to a rich and powerful family by not revealing the name of a woman who has been receiving unproven gene therapy for a brain tumor.
In the aftermath of the collapse of the Brussels talks-intended as the climax of the "Uruguay Round" of the GATT negotiations-the standard journalistic model was of European politicians, primarily Kohl and Mitterrand, truckling to their rural constituencies by defending agricultural subsidies.
Hafez Assad's sense of Arab honor prevented him from proclaiming a position that might be construed as truckling to Israel.
Though clearly in restraint of trade, the joint operating dodge is made perfectly legal by the Newspaper Preservation Act, a 1970 law supported by President Nixon and other truckling politicos who feared for their editorial endorsements if the newspaper czars didn't get their way.