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truckle to (someone or something)

To be subservient to someone else; to assume a servile or obsequious manner toward someone. Those who truckle to their government without question will be the first to be exploited by it. It's very clear that the senators on this committee are truckling to the interests of major corporations. It won't help your career to truckle to the boss like that.
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truckle to

To be servile or submissive to someone or something: All the peasants in the fields truckled to the king.
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Based at Hawes, in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, The Wensleydale Creamery utilised it's expertise in producing waxed, shaped cheese truckles to create The Snowman" [Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese 90g] and Father ChristmasTM [Cheddar cheese 90g] truckles along with the addition of The Snowdog [Cheddar cheese 90g], to complement its popular miniature waxed Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese truckle range.
It's now available from The Wensleydale Creamery's own shop at Hawes, where you can see the cheesemaking, and from its online shop For your chance to win a selection of the 200g miniature waxed cheese truckles, simply answer the following question: When was Wensleydale Cheese first made?
The Snowman Wensleydale Cheese Truckles, PS9 for 6,
There's even a plea from someone who's been saving the wax from cheese truckles for 20 years.
The Barber family has been farming and producing cheese in Somerset since the early 1800s and now specialises in a wide range of mainly block cheeses, although it also supplies truckles (or rounds), in pack sizes from 2.5g and 5kg to 20kg.
The Snowdonia Cheese company, based in Denbigh, is right up there at the forefront of the market with its array of different cheeses sold in handily sized truckles costing about pounds 3 each.
Fine organic blue cheese from Caws Cenarth called Perl Las is the true Welsh alternative to Stilton and comes in four kilo rounds or 750 mini truckles. .
Cheese 2000, part of the British Cheese Festival and awards, is a one-day extravaganza with truckloads of truckles.
Daylesford Organic is aged for nine months or more, and is available in 10 kilo rounds, and 2.5 kilo truckles. Each round and truckle is made by hand from the raw milk of their Friesians, taken from the herd and channelled straight into their creamery, where all the cheeses are made fresh each day.
Five attractive, waxed 100g truckles of cheese have been hand picked to ensure the perfect mix of flavours to suit every palate.
``The maturing process takes six weeks and at various times as it matures I have to pierce each of the 100 truckles 36 times.
Her truckles of blue-veined Gorau Glas-Best Blue are not to be sniffed a t,as they cost a staggering pounds 27akilo.
They're doing it because they enjoy rolling huge truckles down perilously steep slopes while under the influence of the falling-down water, and enjoyment is the best and most honest reason for doing anything.
Famous for its truckles of mature cheddar supplied to delicatessen counters, retail outlets are new able to purchase the whole range of Quickes hard cheeses in the new pre-pack format.