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truckle to (someone or something)

To be subservient to someone else; to assume a servile or obsequious manner toward someone. Those who truckle to their government without question will be the first to be exploited by it. It's very clear that the senators on this committee are truckling to the interests of major corporations. It won't help your career to truckle to the boss like that.
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truckle to

To be servile or submissive to someone or something: All the peasants in the fields truckled to the king.
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Warwickshire Truckle is now a feature in 100 shops in the county, and his overseas sales drive really got off the ground when he attended the International Food Exhibition in London.
David Hartley, Managing Director of The Wensleydale Creamery, said: "Following the hugely successful release of the film The Snowman Tu and The Snowdog in December 2012, which was viewed by over 10 million people last Christmas, we were thrilled to have renewed this deal and add The Snowdog to our miniature character waxed cheese truckle collection, which we expect to be a big hit this Christmas.
Heap of matter sitting in the middle of the galley fires the truckle bed position of avowing a knowing the truckle bed position figures its leaf a definitive outline in the structured permanence, cartoon piss debility I crave sordid and complex sexual relations just like any other distemper but feel no need to simper on about it or brag the kingdom a new kind of crown.
The style mavens of the Bavarian Brewers Association might truckle at the notion of melding these classic Germanic styles, but our tasters thought the exercise was pretty inspired.
Other key roles include Craven (Larry Brown), Crouch (Jim Curtiss) and Truckle (Ken McClintock), who play the trio of greedy fortune-seekers; as well as Mrs.
Senior E-learning Consultant, Simon Truckle said, "There is an obvious synergy between e-learning as perhaps the most carbon friendly form of training and the issue of environmental management.
Although the blurb says it could sleep up to six people, it would be a squeeze there was one double bed, a single with a truckle bed underneath which would be fine for kids, then a double sofa-bed in the lounge.
Pat is nearly always knee deep in Warwickshire Truckle and Little Derby - just two of the company's award winning cheeses.
Sly, Judge Richard Dreyfuss Lawyer Craven Bronson Pinchot Jethro Crouch Rene Auberjonois Abner Truckle Bob Dishy Miss Fancy Rachel York Mrs.
Some people are so deeply immersed in faith and worship that they assume that anyone who doesn't truckle before their deity is a rotten sinner.
Tours are offered (on Tuesdays and Thursdays) of his modest house, where he slept in a truckle bed and practised in an interior of monastic restraint.
How could he so easily truckle again to Tom's schemes?
Mature blue Stilton, Normandy Camembert and Ashley Chase Cheddar truckle ready to be stacked and decorated for a beautiful centrepiece.
A truckle of autumn red fruits has been picked up and crushed underfoot with a woody vanilla pod.