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truckle to (someone or something)

To be subservient to someone else; to assume a servile or obsequious manner toward someone. Those who truckle to their government without question will be the first to be exploited by it. It's very clear that the senators on this committee are truckling to the interests of major corporations. It won't help your career to truckle to the boss like that.
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truckle to

To be servile or submissive to someone or something: All the peasants in the fields truckled to the king.
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The Wensleydale Creamery, maker of the renowned Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese, secured its long-standing licence deal with The Copyrights Group, Snowman Enterprises and Channel 4, allowing the Dales-based cheese-maker to produce miniature character shaped waxed cheese truckles bearing the famous illustrations of Raymond Briggs' Christmas characters.
``This cheese is as hand-made as it comes,'' she adds, pointing to a row of five-month old maturing Truckle in the cellar.
Bob Dishy, reprising his role in the original, exudes oily desperation as Abner Truckle, who puts his rampant sexual jealousy aside to deliver up his wife when Sly asks for a little private nursing.
Bob Dishy, accountant Abner Truckle in the original production, reprises the role here and is just as terrific.
The good news is that, although we are into the sixth day of Advent, there's still time to order a truckle - an indulgent measure of cheese from a good old-fashioned cheesemonger.
Deluxe Mature Cheddar with Whiskey Cheese Truckle (200g), Lidl, PS2.25
A truckle of autumn red fruits has been picked up and crushed underfoot with a woody vanilla pod.
Three months later they will be sent a truckle of cheese that they have personally made.
Holding a 500g cheese truckle, the composite tube needed to not only create impact at the point of purchase, but also provide safe transit across the supply chain.
Brunkow Adds Avondale Truckle to its LineupBrunkow Cheese has created a new cheese under the Fayette Creamery label.
Newcastle: 1.00 Truckle, 2.10 New Alco, 2.45 Devondale, 3.20 Villago, 3.55 Wilful Lord.
On the last of those occasions she was stepped up to nine furlongs and just failed to peg back Truckle, despite being sent off the 7-4 favourite.
CAERPHILLY: This year's Great Cheese Race is taking place at Caerphilly Castle on July 26 where teams of four people run carrying a truckle of Caerphilly cheese on a wooden stretcher.
My first thought was a nice bottle of port, synonymous with a gentleman of standing, especially when accompanied by a great big truckle of stilton.
It also sells a number of awardwinning cheeses from Fowlers of Earlswood, Solihull, with varieties including mature Warwickshire Truckle and Warwickshire with either garlic and parsley, cracked pepper, chilli or onion and chives.