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old trout

rude slang A curmudgeonly old lady. Primarily heard in UK. Eh, the things she says don't really bother me—she's just a harmless old trout, so I just ignore her when I pass by her house.
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You must lose a fly to catch a trout.

Prov. You have to sacrifice something in order to get what you want. (Implies that what you sacrifice is minor compared to what you will get.) Amy was willing to live cheaply for several years in order to save enough money to buy her own house. She knew that you must lose a fly to catch a trout.
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old trout

an unattractive or bad-tempered old woman. informal
1972 Victor Canning . The Rainbird Pattern She wasn't such a bad old trout. For all her money and position, life hadn't been all good to her.
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trouser snake

and trouser trout
n. the penis. The doctor was taken aback when young Willard used the term “trouser snake.” Stop scratching your trouser trout in public.
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trouser trout

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old trout

Chiefly British Offensive Slang
An elderly woman.
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References in classic literature ?
And so it would have been strange and unaccountable, if it had been a stuffed trout, but it was not.
In contrast, removal of Brown Trout expanded Brook Trouts reach into warmer waters.
Since the food sources were located in the warmer waters during the study, the Brook Trouts ability to feed was reduced while in the presence of the Brown Trout.
A new USGS study shows non-native Brown Trout can place a burden on native Brook Trout under the increased water temperatures climate change can cause.
Geological Survey study published today combines climate change and invasive species research by examining how native Brook Trout interact with non-native Brown Trout under rising stream temperatures.
Brook Trout is a freshwater fish species native to eastern North America and threatened by climate change because of its requirement for cold stream temperatures.
Before long, the non-native trouts displaced the Apache trout.
Tucked away in the cold, high-elevation streams on White Mountain Apache homelands in Arizona, the threatened Apache trout (Oncorhynchus apache) has existed for thousands of years.
The Apache trout was quite popular among the early white settlers in east-central Arizona, not just as sport but also as an easy food source.
The flies may still be numerous, but the Apache trout numbers have dropped significantly, in part from over-harvesting.
When women take birth control pills, some of the hormones in the pills ends up in sewage effluent and waterways where it may be harming trout populations.
exposed three groups of adult male trout in tanks to different concentrations of ethynylestradiol for 2 months.
At this time, a trout embryo's eyes are visible, and the embryo is about to hatch.
In the June Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Schultz and his team say the lower fertility rates for the exposed trout seem paradoxical.