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"But they are spread throughout the team, and a troublingly low percentage of those came from their strikers.
Included in that map, troublingly, is the location of military members who Strava to track their activity.
More troublingly, patients categorized as unknown and not wanting to know were least likely to progress to other awareness categories.
More troublingly, the IT security company firms said, the active adoption of the technique by other cybercriminals.
Unlike Joshua, however, Ogogo's career has been plagued by injury: first, an Achilles problem which required surgery, then a shoulder and then, more troublingly, a fractured eye socket, which meant he could be registered blind.
Troublingly, the discovery suggests that this is a new variant, now called mcr-1.6, and researchers now fear that the gene could cause a "surge in resistance" to the likes of colistin.
Women's participation in the labour market has been consistently growing, but remains troublingly small in some areas
Despite Donald Trump's troublingly superficial knowledge of policy, his occasionally fresh set of eyes do see somewhat clearer than Clinton's on some issues.
Cybersecurity is a top priority for the vast majority financial advisors, but, troublingly, many advisors do not clearly understand the risks or how to neutralize them.
Aside from an irate tax collector whose comminatory letters have long remained unheeded, there is, more troublingly, the mother's slow descent into mental illness, which leads to her suicide, followed by the father's disappearance.
Perhaps most troublingly, the film portrays Turkish secularism--which for decades kept Islamist extremism at bay and helped bring Turkey into the modern age--as some kind of monolithic bogeyman.
Troublingly, the OHA abandoned the study with no follow-up testing.
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar, in particular, can and should do more to improve their troublingly low response scores," it said.
The result of his decision to not exoticize the horror of mass murder was "The Act of Killing," a savage, troublingly amusing, film.
In a foreword to a book on academic freedom in South Africa, Coetzee criticizes the policy on academic autonomy followed by the African Nation Congress (ANC) government that is troublingly close to the one of the old National Party under apartheid.