trouble (one) for (something)

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trouble (one) for (something)

To burden or inconvenience one to give or provide something. Excuse me, could I trouble you for some spare change? I'm a bit short for my bus fare. Don't be afraid to trouble your team for progress reports—you've got to stay on top of production, after all!
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trouble someone for something

to ask someone to pass something or give something. (Usually a question.) Could I trouble you for the salt? Could I trouble you for some advice?
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trouble someone for

Politely ask for something, as in May I trouble you for a drink of water? This idiom uses trouble in the sense of "disturb." [Mid-1800s]
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References in classic literature ?
The doctor, however, vibrated between doubt and confidence; that is to say, he troubled his head with neither one nor the other.
My father, however, whose temper was neither tranquil nor cheerful by nature, often unduly vexed himself with thinking of the sacrifices his dear wife had made for him; and troubled his head with revolving endless schemes for the augmentation of his little fortune, for her sake and ours.