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Call it a baby storm, impending disturbance, anything, there clearly is trouble brewing over the country's hosting of the 2019 Southeast Asian Games later this year.
She also fills us in on some trouble brewing inside the state's Adult Protective Services agency.
No, I said put that chocolate tiffin back There's no trouble brewing in Albert Square after bosses opened a branch of Costa on set.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 9, 2018-Old Tomorrow Acquires Craft Beer Firm Double Trouble Brewing
Gary thinks he can get a group of investors together to run the vessel as a business, but there's trouble brewing between him and Shane that may scupper everything.
So when Phil starts getting his affairs in order following his return from Italy, you can see trouble brewing a mile away.
With deadly trouble brewing, Clare must track down clues in some of New York's most secret places before an old vendetta starts producing fresh corpses.
Wal-Mart's line of beers came under suspicion initially following a Washington Post ( analysis of the megachain's Cat's Away IPA, After Party Pal Ale, Round Midnight Belgian White and Pack of Trouble brew that determined Wal-Mart's partnering beer company, Trouble Brewing, didn't actually exist.
Meanwhile, it's time for the Barlows to get to know each other, but there's trouble brewing.
Meanwhile, there's more trouble brewing for him when Sarah tells Todd what happened to Callum.
For starters, there's baby trouble brewing with Leanne's pregnancy from her illicit one-night stand with Steve.
But there's trouble brewing - Larry falls desperately ill, and with the island's only doctor away, it falls on the meagre medical know-how of Louisa, Theo and handsome neighbour Sven to save him.
They put me with the British Military Mission and we went by train from Calais to Toulon and from there to Alexandria in Egypt where there was trouble brewing.
In this week's offering, there's trouble brewing for Jack when a national newspaper publishes extracts from his pregnancy diary.
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