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troop across (something or some place)

To move or march from one side of something or some place to another as a group or in large numbers. The students trooped across the field on their way to the trailhead. We watched the herd of elephants troop across the savanna
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troop in(to something or some place)

To move or march in(to something or some place) as a group or in large numbers. The students trooped into the auditorium for the presentation. There were still a number of people trooping in when the performance began.
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troop across someone or something

[for a mass of creatures] to move across someone or something. The huge herds of wildebeest began to troop across the plain in search of food. The ants trooped across Karen as she lay in the sand.
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troop in(to something)

to flock or march into something or some place in numbers. The scouts trooped into the mess hall and sat down. They trooped in and sat down.
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"Number Fifteen, E troop, Ninth Lancers--Dick Cunliffe's horse.
"That's one of our recruits," said the old mule to the troop horse.
Last came the screw guns, and Billy the mule carried himself as though he commanded all the troops, and his harness was oiled and polished till it winked.
Troops were pouring in from the west and south, and pouring out toward the east.
In the center of the troops following the imperial elephant marched a great caravan of slaves.
Troops, sometimes mounted and sometimes afoot, left the post daily for what I assumed to be patrol duty.
"I can make it lively for you and your crowd when we get ashore," said Harvey, with a vicious nod, murmuring vague threats about "piracy," at which Troop almost - not quite - smiled.
I don't doubt he'd try," said Troop; "but a whole season's catch is eight men's bread; an' you'll be better in your health when you see him in the fall.
Troop regarded the top of the mainmast with deep interest for a while, as Harvey harangued fiercely all around him.
Everyone got up and began watching the movements of our troops below, as plainly visible as if but a stone's throw away, and the movements of the approaching enemy farther off.
23 the Russian troops were crossing the river Enns.
Not until the battle was over did I learn why the red troops had sallied forth that day.
But now the march of the welcoming host was delayed until the following morning, when the troops again set out from Kaol.
These troops had apparently been going for- ward with caution, their rifles held in readiness, when the youthful lieutenant had discovered them and their movement had been interrupted by the volley from the blue regiment.
The two bodies of troops exchanged blows in the manner of a pair of boxers.