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be off (one's) trolley

slang To be crazy and/or wacky. Usually used humorously. Don't listen to a word he says, he's off his trolley! You're off your trolley if you think that plan will work.
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now you're on the trolley

Now you understand what I mean or how to do this. A: "So this piece slots in here, and we connect these two wires together, right?" B: "Yeah, now you're on the trolley!"
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Now you're on the trolley

Now you catch on. “Trolley” refers to the streetcars that predated buses and subways in major cities. To flounder around to the answer to a question or how to perform some sort of procedure and then to come up with the right answer was the equivalent of getting on a trolley that's on the right track (as in track of streetcar rails).
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A model is found in a shopping trolly dead and badly mutilated, but Cath Williows is on the case.
According to ASF sources one kilogram heroin has been recovered from trolly bag of a Sharja bound passenger which was to be smuggled to Sharja .
During checking, ANF staff recovered 13.1 kg heroin concealed in trolly bags.
According to the details, a speedy tractor trolly hit the motorcycle rider resulting woman killed on the spot.