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be off (one's) trolley

slang To be crazy and/or wacky. Usually used humorously. Don't listen to a word he says, he's off his trolley! You're off your trolley if you think that plan will work.
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now you're on the trolley

Now you understand what I mean or how to do this. A: "So this piece slots in here, and we connect these two wires together, right?" B: "Yeah, now you're on the trolley!"
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Now you're on the trolley

Now you catch on. “Trolley” refers to the streetcars that predated buses and subways in major cities. To flounder around to the answer to a question or how to perform some sort of procedure and then to come up with the right answer was the equivalent of getting on a trolley that's on the right track (as in track of streetcar rails).
See also: now, on, trolley
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Tenders are invited for Engaging Hydraulic Tractor Trolly with driver and Two beldars for removal of floating material/silt from Nallas/drains in Ward No 52 E Shahdara North Zone
Tenders are invited for supply of cat b stores: Builder Hoist with following specification :- (a) Working height 25 mtrs (approx) (b) Technical details (Tower) (i) Vertical Channels 50x100x50mm (ii) Horizontal angle 40x40x6mm (iii) Cross angle 40x40x6mm (iv) Joint angles 50x50x6mm (v) Joint Plates 65x10mm (vi) Nuts and bolts 12mm (c) Trolly : Bucket 10 gauge black sheet, trolly frame made out of MS angle & channels with shocker, Trooly speed 125 frt, p.
Tenders are invited for Engaging Hydrolic Tractor Trolly with driver and two bedars for removal of floatig mateials/silt from Nallas/drains by pdg.
Tenders are invited for Tipper Vehicle Fabrication over Mahindra/Tata/Ashok Leyland/Other Manufacturer 2 cum capacity pay load 700 kg and above, 2 cylinder, Double Hydraulic Trolly 1.
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