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Once you are in a troll's crosshairs, usually the only way to extradite yourself quickly is by paying off the troll.
In the real world, there are many bridges (patents), and not everyone guarding them is a troll. However, using emotionally baited names, such as patent troll, does little to move the debate forward and may result in changes to the patent system that are neither warranted nor desirable.
Adele stepped toward the troll. "I am a powerful magician.
Notwithstanding how much you hate their uninvited appearances, trolls are not leaving the net any time soon
But she added: "The nicer comments do outweigh those from the trolls.
[5] The Legend of Peer Gynt tells how trolls, when hearing the ringing of church bells, melt the trolls into non-existence.
Hilde and her family, as well as the other villagers in Troll Fell, are still being plagued by the trolls, but nothing untoward happens until one day.
Troll and I are at the Silver Lining seafood-processing plant in Ketchikan, Alaska.
In that regard, Quad Venture Partners has acquired Troll Communications LLC (Mahwah, NJ), a publisher and distributor of books and other educational materials primarily targeted to the pre--K--Grade 9 market.
But before they feast, the goats must cross a bridge guarded by Mean Calypso Joe, "de meanest troll dis part of de island" and pay a toll.
The Teacher Rating of Oral Language and Literacy (TROLL) is an instrument that measures skills identified as critical in the New Standards for Speaking and Listening.
Tell staff the legend of the enchanted troll who was saved by a camper many centuries ago.
troll Norwegian troll and Danish trold, from Old Norse troll giant, fiend, demon
Summary: Leader of 'troll army' reveals truth behind social media practise.