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(as) right as a trivet

In good health. Primarily heard in UK. Yes, I was sick last week, but I'm right as a trivet now.
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right as a trivet

perfectly all right; in good health. British informal
A trivet is an iron tripod placed over a fire for a cooking pot or kettle to stand on. It is used in this expression to represent firmness and steadiness.
See also: right, trivet
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For the 12" trivet, stop when the center is at 6 1/2" to mark the 60[degrees] points.
Still another nod to Canadian camping, the Cowboy Coffee Kettle by Castor Design is an enamel coffeepot with a beech wood trivet. The water is boiled in an open fire, and then coffee is steeped and brewed for a gritty taste.
Have fun with this part, but keep in mind that the more even the placement the sturdier the trivet will be!
The contemporary Afrocentric theme has been transposed into dinnerware for the home--a complete line of plates, serving bowls and platters, coasters and trivets. There are seven different ethnic patterns to choose from. 4 Progressive's Berry Keeper has an adjustable vent to regulate air circulation and moisture, and doubles as a colander, progressive 5 Prehistoric animals are the inspiration behind Royal VKB's new silicone trivets, which come in a gift box and are dishwasher safe,
Her "Vintage Travel" series reminiscent of retro travel posters will be represented on stone coasters and trivets, plastic place mats, glass coasters, and glass cutting boards.
The first thing you will need are several trivets. Since your woodstove starts cool, gets hot, then is re-stoked, you'll need to have a means of temperature control.
Strada's Sejjadeh Zen Collection encompasses placemats, coasters, chopstick holders, bottle holders and trivets.
As part of the new cork line, Gessner will offer coasters, placemats, trivets, and more.
Flanking the display are a bewildering array of electric and gas irons, trivets and wooden pegs - all evidence of life before the twin tub.
Oven-proof bowls are also a big part of the collection, and have silicone lids that can double as trivets. Flatware is available with either red or green plastic handles, and as open stock or in cutlery sets of 24 or 30 pieces.
The trend began on decorative accessories, including throw pillows, lamps, and candlesticks, and now monkeys are climbing all over the place--even onto on trivets, bread boxes and bed trays from Pomerantz.
Costs: Bread bin pounds 30, pair of Apple trivets pounds 13, spice rack pounds 35, utensil holder pounds 12.
Among the Royal VKB products that Zak will offer is a stainless-steel garlic crusher, a mix-and-measure cup with a non-skid base in 1- and 2.5-liter sizes, a squeeze bottle, a serving tray with folding handle, a bowl-and-spoon set, decorative trivets, an oven mitt apron and a French Glass Carafe with nesting glasses.
A wood carving board, for example, also works as a serving piece, while a flatware caddy disassembles so that its various parts can serve as trivets and vases.