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(as) right as a trivet

In good health. Primarily heard in UK. Yes, I was sick last week, but I'm right as a trivet now.
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right as a trivet

perfectly all right; in good health. British informal
A trivet is an iron tripod placed over a fire for a cooking pot or kettle to stand on. It is used in this expression to represent firmness and steadiness.
See also: right, trivet
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Still another nod to Canadian camping, the Cowboy Coffee Kettle by Castor Design is an enamel coffeepot with a beech wood trivet.
Enjoy your trivet for years to come, make a few for friends, and let it be a daily reminder of the beauty of nature.
My trivets are cast iron and are 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4" high.
Branches, wooden fish sliced in half, and rusted metal trivets serve as drawer pulls.
Products to be offered in the Publix promotions include hand-painted ceramic plates, mugs and bowls, as well as matching large serving pieces, salt and pepper shakers, trivets, and spoon rests.
The introductory collection includes mortar and pestle sets, ceramic knives and trivets, and will expand in the fall to include porcelain platters and dinnerware, coffee and tea service, spice grinders, and larger-sized mortar and pestle sets.
Casafina developed beautiful racks and trivets in antique copper metal that specifically fit the different pieces, so we get multiple sales from those.
1) Kathy Ireland and Andre Carthen's ACafe brand includes the Wood Serveware line of trays, trivets, bowls and the like.
Trivets and soapstone, $10 to $40; for cooking on stove, trivets bring temperature down because air can circulate underneath; soapstone stores heat for slow release after fire dies.
The new items include appetizer plates, nickel finish hooks and trivets, and stitch work textile kitchen towels and cocktail napkins.
Oven-proof bowls are also a big part of the collection, and have silicone lids that can double as trivets.
They include the Round and Oval French Ovens in a variety of sizes, a Bell Pepper Casserole and Round and Oval Trivets.
As part of the new cork line, Gessner will offer coasters, placemats, trivets, and more.
Flanking the display are a bewildering array of electric and gas irons, trivets and wooden pegs - all evidence of life before the twin tub.
5-liter sizes, a squeeze bottle, a serving tray with folding handle, a bowl-and-spoon set, decorative trivets, an oven mitt apron and a French Glass Carafe with nesting glasses.