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(as) right as a trivet

In good health. Primarily heard in UK. Yes, I was sick last week, but I'm right as a trivet now.
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right as a trivet

perfectly all right; in good health. British informal
A trivet is an iron tripod placed over a fire for a cooking pot or kettle to stand on. It is used in this expression to represent firmness and steadiness.
See also: right, trivet
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There aren't many solutions in the market right now with this kind of enamel plate that integrates trivets.
On the 3/4-inch side, which is the height of your trivet, measure 1 and 1/4-inches in from each end.
Have fun with this part, but keep in mind that the more even the placement the sturdier the trivet will be
Next place your pudding basin on a trivet (or saucer) in a large heavy-bottomed saucepan, then fill with enough water to come halfway up the pudding basin.
Finnish software company BasWare Corporation said on Friday (12 August) that it had agreed to acquire the Finnish company Trivet Software Oy, which develops software solutions for electronic travel expense management.
7 Place the goose on a trivet or rack in the meat tin, breast side up.
At the head of the market in a field of 23, the SP reporters could not separate Charlton Spring (won), Three Musketeers (second), Fairy Oak (third) and unplaced horses Windy Project, My Trivet, Final Reminder, Sterling High, Nordic Isle, Walls Lough, Crown Point and Ballymote.
But the theme of a judgment involves a poetic procedure somewhat different from the concerns illustrated in Trivet and Gower, though an assessment of Chaucer's poetic purpose is facilitated by the very proximity of these medieval sources, as they allow us to remark on the poet's most original emphases: the astrological invocations are part of his original additions, and the teller's insistence that providence protect Constance's purity and innocence in the face of her numerous trials differs from the theme of her beneficent evangelizing influence in Nicolas Trivet's Cronicle, where God's "purveance" allows her to win "honor e amur" over the whole earth (SA, 181).
One of The Canterbury Tales of Geoffrey Chaucer, based on an episode in Nicholas Trivet ' s Anglo - Norman Chronicle (c1335) and on John Gower 's version of it in his Confessio Amantis (1390).
Copper kettle The little art-nouveau copper kettle is on a trivet with oil-burner because it is beautiful and gives a sense of what life was like before 'all mod-cons'.
Sprinkle the top of the chicken legs with the thyme and salt, then place them on the trivet in the baking tray.
Place the joint on a trivet in a roasting tin, rind uppermost.
The cookware's most distinctive feature is its spider handle, a criss-cross design raised high enough above the surface of the cover that it can double as a trivet.