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One who travels to a destination for just one day, without an overnight stay. They save money by being day-trippers and avoiding costly hotel fees.


1. slang In baseball and softball, a home run (a hit that results in the batter making their way around all three bases and back to home, likened to a round-trip journey). Davidson's round-tripper in the bottom of the ninth sealed the team's first World Cup championship in over 85 years. The pitcher was replaced after allowing six round-trippers in the first two innings.
2. Any journey that involves returning to the point of origin shortly after reaching the destination, especially by traveling the same route in reverse. Why don't you spend the day in town running your errands, instead of making so many round-trippers back and forth? I'll have done about four or five round-trippers to New York by the time the year is over.


Someone who is apt to act in a superior and self-centered manner. Don't get coffee for that ego-tripper—you're not one of his lowly interns. The boss must be a real ego tripper—I mean, he named a building after himself!


a tourist who makes excursions lasting just one day. At about 4:00 P.M. the day-trippers start thinning out. Being a day-tripper is hard on your feet sometimes.


n. a tourist who makes one-day trips. At about 4:00 p.m. the day-trippers start thinning out. Being a day-tripper is hard on your feet sometimes.

ego tripper

n. a person who habitually goes on an ego trip. Not another ego tripper running for public office!
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round tripper

n. a home run in baseball. Ted is responsible for four round trippers in Saturday’s game.
See also: round, tripper
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Your song "Tripper" was in the most recent King of the Road video, and a lot of people want to know if it's based on a true story?
This serves as the basis for a rational selection of merchandise to put in front of the "quick tripper."
Brighton: track unsafe with hills and a vicious camber; covered by cloud at some meetings; and trippers do have other things to do there, like sitting in some of the worst traffic outside London.
There are places, maybe banks or supermarkets, where we are content to be trippers. When meeting other faiths or cultures, however, a visitor is the role model.
The increase is due to more incidents involving holidaymakers and day trippers to popular tourist areas.
But the downturn has put British holiday park firm Haven on course for a record summer with bookings from foreign trippers up by 50%.
Twelve people, including six foreign tourists, were killed when a coach full of day trippers hit a truck head-on along the west coast of Egypt's Sinai peninsula yesterday, a security official said.Six tourists, including a Russian woman, as well as the coach driver and the policeman who travels with all tourist coaches in Egypt, were killed, the official said, along with four Egyptians travelling in the truck.
The complex paradoxes of the seas ide resort experience for visitors, trippers and residents do not lend themselves to simple summary, and Walton's easy mastery in a relatively short compass has been hard won over many years of study.
Tour operator Transun is set to carry nearly 35,000 day trippers in the next seven months.
VALENTINE weekend trippers are being offered special insurance deals by Club Direct.
Tenders are invited for Proposal For The Work Of Preventive Maintenance And Changing Of Wing Tripper Worn Out Structures Of Wing Trippers At Bhojudih Coal Washery.
Even so, it would be nice to see day trippers coming to enjoy the seaside - including the brand-new sand.
A UNIQUE collection of more than 600 photographic negatives chronicling the buses which delighted tourists and day trippers to North Wales goes up for auction this week.
But the downturn has put British holida park firm Haven on course for a record summer with bookings from foreign trippers up by 50%.