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a tourist who makes excursions lasting just one day. At about 4:00 P.M. the day-trippers start thinning out. Being a day-tripper is hard on your feet sometimes.


n. a tourist who makes one-day trips. At about 4:00 p.m. the day-trippers start thinning out. Being a day-tripper is hard on your feet sometimes.

ego tripper

n. a person who habitually goes on an ego trip. Not another ego tripper running for public office!
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round tripper

n. a home run in baseball. Ted is responsible for four round trippers in Saturday’s game.
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About Travel Tripper Travel Tripper is a full-service hotel web technology provider and strategic partner in helping hotels worldwide to optimize conversions, expand reach, and generate demand.
RezTrip's integration with TripConnect opens up new opportunities for our hotels, particularly with Instant Booking," says Gautam Lulla, President of Travel Tripper.
Tripper, a mild mannered copy clerk, transforms himself into
Kirklees Day Tripper service 956 will be operated by Yorkshire Traction from Huddersfield bus station to the Tolson Museum at Moldgreen, the National Coal Mining Museum at Overton, near Flockton, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park at West Bretton and the Amazing Maize Maze and Cannon Hall, both at Cawthorne.
Stop at the Transit Store at 102 Broadway in downtown San Diego to purchase a one- to-four-day Day Tripper transit pass.
This will start the conversion process of changing the Shreveport/Bossier City market from a day tripper to a destination resort market," said Jack E.
The little people - dubbed Day Trippers and each measuring between 3cm and 4cm - were exhibits at the Extraordinary Measures exhibition at Belsay Hall in Northumberland.
Tenders are invited for Proposal For The Work Of Preventive Maintenance And Changing Of Wing-Trippers Worn Out Structure Of Wing Trippers At Bhojudih Coal Washery.
Trippers could either look down from 500ft or look back from the end of North Pier from 1,400 feet.
The Night Trippers is the sequel to Pam Summa's first novel, Groping for Luna, which was about Alice, Angel, and Joe and the challenges to their band and friendship when romance entered their lives.
Staff Brig Pilot Ali Mohammed Al Mazrouei, head of the Air Wing department, urged desert trippers to equip their motorbikes or 4x4s with GPS devices to help rescuers locate them in case of an emergency.
With the party went the Mayor of Thornaby, Mr C Anderton and the mayoress Mrs J Bignall, both seen in this picture greeting some of the trippers before their departure.
Here in windswept Blackpool, mussed hair and whipped up skirts are now a thing of the past as hardy trippers are able to seek shelter in a series of ingenious swivelling windbreaks arrayed along the south shore promenade.
The Anguilla Tourist Board (ATB) has announced that the 2006 winter season was a highly successful one, as the island recorded a 10% increase in visitor arrivals (tourists, business travelers, excursionists/day trippers from St.
PHI PHI ISLAND, Thailand - Day trippers enjoying sunbathing on the sandy beach of Lo Dalam Bay, one of the Phi Phi Don Island's twin bays that were worst hit by the tsunami.