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triple threat

A person who is adept in three areas, as in She's a triple threat on the editorial staff-she can edit, write, and design pages. This term comes from football, where it signifies a player who is good at running, passing, and kicking. [c. 1920] Also see hat trick.
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1. n. a large alcoholic drink containing three measures of hard liquor. One triple, but no more. I’m cutting down, remember?
2. Go to triple-bagger.

triple whammy

(ˈtrɪplæ ˈʍæmi)
n. a powerful treatment; a powerful shock. The market crash, the trade figures, and the death of the secretary of defense was a powerful triple whammy in Washington politics this week.
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1. and triple n. a hit in baseball that gets the batter to third base. Wilbur connected for another triple-bagger in the fifth.
2. n. a person whose ugly face is so frightful that three bags are required to conceal it. (see also double-bagger, coyote-ugly.) He’s worse than a triple-bagger—if that’s possible.


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Emily Hughes fell on a triple loop, but she had several highlights, including a crisp triple lutz-double, toe-double loop combination.
Ixia's Triple Play test systems address the growing need to test voice, video, and data services and network capability under real-world conditions.
ACI's Transaction Security Services combines support of Single and Triple DES, allowing customers to process in a mixed environment until card association and network mandates require them to completely adopt Triple DES.
This has been a multi-year effort to develop solutions in support of Triple DES.
Lipinski's perfect seven triple jumps gave youth the day, and lifted athleticism another few degrees in its ascent over artistry.
France's Vanessa Gusmeroli nearly buckled after her first jump, a shaky triple flip.
Despite a hard fall in the short program, and another during practice, European champion Irina Slutskaya of Russia hit several high-flying jumps - including a triple loop so high she held for a split second before entering her rotation - to finish fourth.
Then Urmanov, who'd pulled a groin muscle doing a triple axel in the short program, withdrew after warmups, conceding the crown to Stojko.
That meant the quad-triple, which nobody but he can do, plus a triple axel-triple toe, a triple lutz-double toe and another triple axel.