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triple threat

A person who is adept in three areas, as in She's a triple threat on the editorial staff-she can edit, write, and design pages. This term comes from football, where it signifies a player who is good at running, passing, and kicking. [c. 1920] Also see hat trick.
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1. n. a large alcoholic drink containing three measures of hard liquor. One triple, but no more. I’m cutting down, remember?
2. Go to triple-bagger.

triple whammy

(ˈtrɪplæ ˈʍæmi)
n. a powerful treatment; a powerful shock. The market crash, the trade figures, and the death of the secretary of defense was a powerful triple whammy in Washington politics this week.
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1. and triple n. a hit in baseball that gets the batter to third base. Wilbur connected for another triple-bagger in the fifth.
2. n. a person whose ugly face is so frightful that three bags are required to conceal it. (see also double-bagger, coyote-ugly.) He’s worse than a triple-bagger—if that’s possible.


References in classic literature ?
Aramis, animated, active and young as at twenty, sprang towards the triple mass, and with his hands, delicate as those of a woman, raised by a miracle of strength the corner-stone of this great granite grave.
To the usual precocity of the girl, she added that early experience of struggle, of conflict between the inward impulse and outward fact, which is the lot of every imaginative and passionate nature; and the years since she hammered the nails into her wooden Fetish among the worm-eaten shelves of the attic had been filled with so eager a life in the triple world of Reality, Books, and Waking Dreams, that Maggie was strangely old for her years in everything except in her entire want of that prudence and self-command which were the qualities that made Tom manly in the midst of his intellectual boyishness.
After landing a double axel, Meissner almost fell on a triple lutz, and she opted to turn a triple loop into a double.
Hughes - sister of 2002 gold-medal winner Sarah Hughes and a late replacement for the injured Michelle Kwan - fell on a triple loop.
Ixia offers service providers and system vendors the only platform that can simultaneously simulate complete Triple Play (video, voice and data) scenarios in one integrated solution.
Providing the highest Quality of Experience for Triple Play services is of paramount importance to the success of service providers rolling out these offerings," said Errol Ginsberg, CEO of Ixia.
With the help of ACI's Security Optimization Service (SOS) consulting services, Metavante is ACI's first customer to add the new Transaction Security Services module to its BASE24 production environment to launch Triple DES processing services.
When the mandate was announced, Metavante decided to make certain that the Triple DES capability was available to our clients before the published deadline," said Frank D'Angelo, executive vice president and general manager, Metavante EFT and Card solutions.
Lipinski has nailed the seven triples each of the last three competitions, establishing her as the sport's most reliable jumper.
Lipinski's perfect seven triple jumps gave youth the day, and lifted athleticism another few degrees in its ascent over artistry.
Eldredge, who was skating beautifully, singled a triple axel a little more than a minute from the end of his program, then crashed when he tried to ad-lib another.