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trim down

1. To become lighter or thinner by losing weight. I'm trying to trim down before my wedding this summer.
2. To cause someone or something to lose weight or become less bulky. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "trim" and "down." We need to trim down our luggage or we'll get charged a fortune at the airport! I just want to trim my belly fat down a little bit. He really could have used a good editor to trim the book down a tad.
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trim off

1. To remove by cutting some small piece of someone or something else. A noun or pronoun can be used between "trim" and "off." I just want to trim off some of your hair in the back—I promise I won't do anything drastic! I decided to trim off my mustache.
2. To excise some element or aspect abruptly or suddenly. A noun or pronoun can be used between "trim" and "off." The company was forced to trim off healthcare benefits for its employees in order to stay afloat. My editor trimmed nearly 200 pages off my book, calling them "unnecessary"!
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trim (oneself) down

to take action to become slimmer or lose weight. I need to trim myself down before I go on vacation. I decided to trim down, but I never got around to it. You really need to trim down and stay at a lower weight.
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trim something down

to reduce the size of something. You will have to trim the picture down to get it into the frame. Trim down the picture before you frame it.
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trim something off (of) someone or something

 and trim something off
to cut something off someone or something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) I asked the barber to trim the beard off of Ralph. The barber trimmed off Ralph's beard.
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with all the trimmings

with all the extra things, especially with food. We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. I look forward to roast turkey with all the trimmings.
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trim down

1. To reduce something by or as if by cutting away the excess: The company is trimming down its budget this year. The editor trimmed the long manuscript down to 200 pages.
2. To lose weight, as by dieting or exercise: The doctor advised me to trim down.
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trim off

To remove some excess by or as if by cutting: I trimmed off the rotten wood. The barber will trim my bangs off.
See also: off, trim
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Some goat keepers wear gloves for hoof trimming, which is probably a good idea.
Industry-standard thermoforming tolerances start at [+ or -]0.010 in., so robotic trimming is a critical step in helping the company reach its goal of "consistently exceeding the industry standard," he says.
Four groups of twenty chickens had been subjected to one of 4 beak trimming methods as follows: 1) hot-blade trimming at 1 day of age, 2) infra-red beak trimming at 1 day of age, 3) hot-blade beak trimming at 10 weeks of age and 4) intact beaks.
Floating gate trimming utilizes a CMOS transistor or EPAD[R] (Electrically Programmable Analog Device) with a floating gate of polysilicon embedded in the device gate oxide.
Tree trimming crews are working on a series of circuits in and north of Searcy covering 281 line miles.
After eight years of development, the Electric Hoof Knife now has a disc created specifically for trimming goat and sheep hooves.
* The RoboTrim RT-400 portable router trimming and knife deflashing system was introduced by Robotic Production Technology (RPT), Auburn Hills, Mich.
What: RoboLase pre-engineered laser trimming system
The trimming was done by scalpel-wielding technicians.
Gullet trimming results in the inclusion of the animals' hormone-containing thyroid glands.
Trimming Bidder is to perform work in accordance with approved and scientific tree trimming practices.
If you have drywall that's "proud" (sticking out past the jamb) or recessed behind the jamb, you have to deal with it before trimming or the trim won't tie flat.
The machine frame features an open front to back design to allow the sheet of rubber to be moved easily during trimming. The bolster plate and crown of this press are 6" and 5" thick, respectively.