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Trying to trim the hooves of a grown goat that has rarely, or never, been trimmed can be a challenge.
Also worth pointing out: The system won't automatically trim the engine down if, while at rest, you've trimmed up past a certain point.
Chickens were beak trimmed at one day of age by either a hot-blade or an infra-red method by a commercial hatchery as is common commercial practice.
Trimmed veal is leaner than skinned chicken and is no higher in saturated fat.
As you should know, if the airplane is trimmed for an indicated airspeed (IAS) slower than your current IAS, it will tend to nose up.
In Australia the majority of birds are beak trimmed within 5 to 10 days of hatching.
The next type of inspection equipment the company makes includes testing systems to confirm the presence of sealing beads on metal to rubber bonded gaskets after they have been die trimmed, also known as leak testing systems.
The back bracing was cut, tried for fit, and trimmed until I had it where I liked it.
Any time you see figures (including ours) for the fats or calories in trimmed red meat, be suspicious.
When the elevator was trimmed nose down, the nose pitched up.
These modules simplify programming by generating robot positions from CAD models of the part to be trimmed or machined.
Sheep, therefore, can be trimmed from the shearing position, but this may require assistance with one person holding the sheep while the other trims.
To adjust a fixed trim tab, you need two hands: one to hold the primary surface being trimmed and *the other to bend the tab itself.
The resulting 9-lb running board is robotically trimmed and finished.
Flying a trimmed airplane has major benefits: more relaxed flying, less fatigue.