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out of trim

1. Unprepared, as of ships that are not ready to sail. "To trim," in the nautical sense, means to adjust a ship's balance or sails. No, we can't leave yet, the boat is out of trim!
2. In poor condition, usually physically. I know I need to get back to the gym—I'm really out of trim these days. A: "I checked on the house a few months ago, why?" B: "It's completely out of trim! Paint is peeling, windows are broken, it's a mess!"
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be in fighting trim

To be prepared to tackle a situation, often with an emphasis on one's physical strength or readiness. You'll do great in the race—after months of training, you're in fighting trim.
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trim (one's) sails

1. To adapt oneself to new or altered circumstances. Following the attack, many politicians trimmed their sails and adopted a more aggressive stance on military action.
2. To spend less money; to decrease one's expenses. Our rent is much higher, so we've had to trim our sails a bit, but we love living in this area.
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fit and trim

slim and in good physical shape. Jean tried to keep herself fit and trim at all times. For some people, keeping fit and trim requires time, effort, and self-discipline.
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trim (oneself) down

to take action to become slimmer or lose weight. I need to trim myself down before I go on vacation. I decided to trim down, but I never got around to it. You really need to trim down and stay at a lower weight.
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trim something away (from something)

to cut something away (from something). The butcher trimmed the fat away from the steak. Please trim away the fat from the meat.
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trim something down

to reduce the size of something. You will have to trim the picture down to get it into the frame. Trim down the picture before you frame it.
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trim something from something

to cut something away from something. I trimmed the fat from the steaks. We had to trim a lot of the fat from the meat after we got it home.
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trim something off (of) someone or something

 and trim something off
to cut something off someone or something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) I asked the barber to trim the beard off of Ralph. The barber trimmed off Ralph's beard.
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trim something with something

to decorate something with something. She trimmed the dress with lace. Bobby and Timmy trimmed the tree with colorful ornaments.
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trim one's sails

Modify one's stand, adapt to circumstances, as in His advisers told him to trim his sails before he alienated voters and bungled the election completely . This metaphoric expression alludes to adjusting a ship's sails to take full advantage of prevailing winds. [Late 1700s]
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in fighting trim

If someone or something is in fighting trim, they are in very good condition. I need to be in fighting trim for the months ahead. Note: You can also say that someone or something gets into fighting trim. They need to get the company into fighting trim for the next decade. Note: A boxer who is in fighting trim is fit and ready to fight.
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in trim

slim and healthy.
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trim your sails

make changes to suit your new circumstances.
Literally, trim a sail means ‘adjust the sail of a boat to take advantage of the wind’.
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be, keep, etc. in ˈtrim

(British English, informal) be, remain, etc. fit and healthy: For a man of his age he keeps in good trim. OPPOSITE: be out of shape (2)
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ˌtrim your ˈsails

1 arrange the sails of a boat to suit the wind so that the boat moves faster
2 reduce your costs: Increasingly, businesses are having to trim their sails in order to survive.
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trim down

1. To reduce something by or as if by cutting away the excess: The company is trimming down its budget this year. The editor trimmed the long manuscript down to 200 pages.
2. To lose weight, as by dieting or exercise: The doctor advised me to trim down.
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trim off

To remove some excess by or as if by cutting: I trimmed off the rotten wood. The barber will trim my bangs off.
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Active Trim worked as I had been told it would--it trimmed up the running gear to maximize speed at a given RPM.
2000) to investigate the potential impact of pain in beak trimmed birds.
The next type of inspection equipment the company makes includes testing systems to confirm the presence of sealing beads on metal to rubber bonded gaskets after they have been die trimmed, also known as leak testing systems.
According to the USDA, a typical cut of trimmed pork is one-third fattier than skinless chicken and twice as fatty as skinless turkey.
The party is the official opening ceremony for the charity Christmas Tree decorating contest, for which each of the 24 trees has been trimmed by a different non-profit organization.
Which steak has more saturated fat: trimmed top round veal or trimmed top round beef?
Under this program, trees that threaten the electric system will be trimmed, and in some cases removed with the approval of property owners.
Accuracy of the trimmed voltage across operating temperature, load, and age of the power supply is achieved through a Digital Closed Loop Trim control circuit.
3 baby artichokes, leaves and tips trimmed, cut in half lengthwise
Typically, after the clamp flange is removed by a manual saw cut, some parts are put into specially built female fixtures, perhaps held with vacuum, and trimmed with three-to six-axis CNC routers.
Semiconductor devices may be trimmed after packaging processes, which often cause subtle changes in precision devices.
2 -- color) Bird activist Jerry Murphy watches a Western kingbird nest in a tree trimmed by maintenance workers Thursday.
Because of its brittle nature, thermoformed PS material, once cooled, cannot be trimmed without the addition of impact modifiers, which have a negative effect on product clarity.
Since we increased the annual number of trees trimmed four years ago, tree related outages have decreased and customer satisfaction has improved," said Thomas Deal, superintendent of tree operations.
YELLOW: Pastel shades trimmed with white have a happy, sunny appeal.