trim with

trim (something) with (something)

1. To remove small amounts of some material using some kind of cutting implement. They sell all sorts of special tools for the job, but I think it works just as well to trim the fabric with normal scissors. You'll need to trim the tough parts of the seaweed with a strong, sharp knife.
2. To make something lighter or leaner using some particular method; to remove or discard excessive or unwanted parts or elements of something with a particular strategy or plan. It's time to trim that stubborn body fat with our new patented five-step workout routine! I didn't want to trim the company's budget with mass layoffs, but it's the only option left.
3. To decorate or adorn the edges or lining of something with some material. You can rejuvenate a plain or old-fashioned jacket by trimming it with something bright and vibrant. One of my favorite things to do at Christmastime is to trim the tree with ornaments and tinsel.
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trim something with something

to decorate something with something. She trimmed the dress with lace. Bobby and Timmy trimmed the tree with colorful ornaments.
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Begin by cutting through any dried paint along the top edge of the trim with a utility knife.
Model LSZ 150/100 pulls in edge trim with four toothed rolls machined out of solid steel that exert up to 1300 Nm of torque.
You can also replace standard trim with an eyeball-style trim ($20) that can be aimed in different directions, but it takes an extra step.
3 Pull nails out through the back side of trim with a nippers or a pliers.
ABS, the most common material in molded-look pressure forming, is tricky to trim with precision because of its high thermal-expansion coefficient.
Don't confuse cellular vinyl trim with polyurethane-core, vinyl-coated products.
Cut PVC trim with the same hand and power tools that you use for wood.
Splice long pieces of trim with "scarf joints," that is, overlapping 45-degree joints.
Renew those old recessed lights by replacing the baffle trim with a snazzier choice like an eyeball trim.