trim from

trim (something) from (something else)

1. To remove small amounts of something from something else by cutting. Trimming excess leaves and branches from the plant will help it grow bigger. A: "Why are you trimming all the fat from the steak? That's the best part!" B: "Yuck! You're crazy!"
2. To discard or do away with small amounts of something. I always try to trim as many costs from my trips as I can, from airfare, to hotels, to what and where I'll be eating. We need to find a way to trim five kilograms from the aircraft's design, or it will be too heavy to fly.
3. To remove body fat from some part of one's body, as through dieting or exercising. I'd love to trim a couple pounds from my waist before my wedding. This is one of the best ways to trim stubborn fat from your thighs.
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trim something from something

to cut something away from something. I trimmed the fat from the steaks. We had to trim a lot of the fat from the meat after we got it home.
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The air gap essentially uncouples the cladding and the trim from the rest of the wall assembly.
First investigate further: Remove one piece of trim from a window or a door.
Introducing repelletizing extruders for edge trim from Plasmac Ltd.
An edge-trim shredder developed by Hellweg Maschinenbau GmbH in Roetgen, Germany, is believed to be the only one designed to feed trim from dimpled sheet.
Continuously remove trim from winder and roll scrap from unwinding frame by feed rolls or preheater.