trim away

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trim something away (from something)

to cut something away (from something). The butcher trimmed the fat away from the steak. Please trim away the fat from the meat.
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Anderson said that she wanted to trim away their peacock feathers and show the real girls underneath.
They trim away the areas containing pin bones and cut the fillets into predetermined portion sizes with exceptionally high accuracy.
Once a leather texture is achieved, the potter will use pottery ribbon tools and pottery knives to carve out designs and trim away imperfections.
Trim away the roles and missions that are no longer of the highest priority--and become much more circumspect about adding new ones.
Users can let the software do the hard work with smart options, which instantly fix shaky footage and color and lighting problems, identify and trim away all unwanted footage and intelligently balance audio elements.
3 Cut: Trim away the coarse growth on creeping fig, Ficus pumila.
Trim away the extra poster board and carefully cut the picture into 9 small squares.
CHUBBY wife killer Joe O'Reilly is back in the gym trying to trim away his prison potbelly, the Irish Daily Mirror can reveal.
If the edges of the tear are frayed, trim away loose threads.
Protect walls with a shim or a scrap of wood as you gradually work the trim away from the wall.
As your hair grows, have your stylist trim away the relaxed ends.
Simply use a sliding bevel to measure the appropriate angle on the bottom panel--use the pattern lines, not the "hem"--then set your saw's miter gauge to that angle and trim away.
Applying all of your normal bowhunting precautions in relation to human scent elimination and safety (wear a full-body harness), sneak into your stand location, set your stand, and trim away any problem branches at tree level (a ratchet-cut pruner and folding saw work great for this).
Carefully unroll the pen some, and trim away any excess clay (cut it a bit short--don't allow the clay to overlap).