trim away

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trim something away (from something)

to cut something away (from something). The butcher trimmed the fat away from the steak. Please trim away the fat from the meat.
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The most important part of cleaning a heart is to open it up and trim away the fibrous tissue inside.
Minor cartilage better on their own within a few weeks, ones may need surgery to trim away the Microfracture surgery is usually carried out is damage to the articular cartilage - smooth layer of the joint that covers the bone ends.
Stitch on marked line; trim away and discard excess fabric.
Get an adult to trim away each end and slice diagonally into four or six pieces.
Use a paring knife to trim away any leaves and protruding stem from the bottom of the cauliflower.
The beef has little edge fat to trim away and has little flecks of marbling throughout."
Anderson said that she wanted to trim away their peacock feathers and show the real girls underneath.
They trim away the areas containing pin bones and cut the fillets into predetermined portion sizes with exceptionally high accuracy.
Once a leather texture is achieved, the potter will use pottery ribbon tools and pottery knives to carve out designs and trim away imperfections.
Users can let the software do the hard work with smart options, which instantly fix shaky footage and color and lighting problems, identify and trim away all unwanted footage and intelligently balance audio elements.
Gather four 250g steaks of your choice (we prefer rump or rib eye); four heads of chicory (trim away the outer leaves and cut into quarters); 200g chestnut mushrooms; two thinly sliced shallots; two cloves garlic, crushed; six sprigs of thyme; one tbsp sherry vinegar; 150ml oloroso sherry; and 200ml meat or veg stock.
Trim away the extra poster board and carefully cut the picture into 9 small squares.
* If the edges of the tear are frayed, trim away loose threads.
Protect walls with a shim or a scrap of wood as you gradually work the trim away from the wall.
As your hair grows, have your stylist trim away the relaxed ends.