trigger off

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trigger off

1. To cause some explosive device to detonate. A noun or pronoun can be used between "trigger" and "off." The jet drops the bombs from above and then triggers them off remotely. The construction activity triggered off a landmine that had been buried since the second World War.
2. To cause some severe or extreme event, condition, or situation to begin or occur. A noun or pronoun can be used between "trigger" and "off." The results of the election triggered off nationwide protests. Doctors still aren't sure what caused my collapse, but they think that it was probably stress that triggered it off.
3. To cause someone to become angry or irritated. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "trigger" and "off." I still don't know what exactly triggered Tom off, but he's been in a foul mood ever since. Our mother was prone to angry outbursts, so we always had to be careful not to trigger her off.
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trigger someone off

to cause someone to become angry. (Fig. on trigger something off.) Your rude comments triggered her off. Your comments triggered off Bob's temper.
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trigger something off

to set something off, such as an explosion. We were afraid that the sparks from the engine would trigger an explosion off. The sparks triggered off an explosion.
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He will bring in new ideas and trigger off a fresh approach.
Al-Zayani said in a statement that such "terrorist heinous acts" only aimed to undermine the country's security, stability and constitutional legitimacy, to trigger off sectarian strife and to jeopardize the Yemeni people's social fabric and national unity.
Shampoos, hair dyes and even hair products such as mousses and gels can trigger off problems.
"We believe that the World Cup, with all the drinking and tension surrounding it, could trigger off bouts of violence."
"If it's strong enough to trigger off something like that, then it must have a lot of energy to it."
Hospital protesters in Worcestershire last night voiced hopes that a vote of no confidence in the county's health managers will trigger off a tide of protest.
Now de Boer could be ready to trigger off a transfer tug-of-war by demanding a move to England.
Things that can trigger off allergy and itches can be sensitivity to soap, shower gels, washing powder and even certain materials such as nylon.
A sheriff told the three women and two men that their behaviour ruined the concentration of golfers and had the potential to trigger off serious public disorder.
"It is essential that these murders should not trigger off a spiral of reprisals.
ULTRASONIC sensors in the pillars which trigger off the alarm when something moves inside the car.
"Often traumatic incidents are put to the back of your mind, but something may trigger off a reaction, sometimes many years later.
The investigation is into allegations that the council's 18,000-strong Unison branch - the largest in the country - has been improperly wasting money, some of its militant officials have been bullying and intimidating members and that it has been infiltrated by the Socialist Workers Party to trigger off confrontation with the Labour-run council.
He said he read the label on the Silvikrin shampoo before he sprayed the door handle to check there were no ingredients that would trigger off a possible fatal shock.
After the American military discovered that a collision between one of their submarines and the Soviet K219 could trigger off a series of nukes which were aimed at USA cities, the man from the White House had to be informed.