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trifle away

To exhaust or deplete some resource in a wasteful, careless, or irresponsible manner. A noun or pronoun can be used between "trifle" and "away." You'll never afford a house if you keep trifling your money away on such useless extravagances. With this shallow, stupid sequel, the film studio has trifled away a lot of the goodwill they created among fans of the franchise. She had plenty of time to complete her essay, but she trifled her time away.
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trifle with (someone or something)

To treat or deal with someone or something in a frivolous or disrespectful manner. Often used in passive constructions. You can't just go through life trifling with people and their affections without any regard for their wellbeing. I wouldn't do that if I were you—the plans of the boss are not to be trifled with.
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trifle something away (on someone or something)

to waste something, such as money, on someone or something, little by little. Don't trifle all your money away on your friends. Don't trifle away any more money on silly purchases.
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"It works out at PS3m a year for each council, which is a trifling sum compared to the PS140m cuts that Durham County Council has had to save, in excess of PS40m which has been identified by the Chancellor.
"Following the trifling monthly amelioration during the month of April 2008 in the balance of payments account, which could not even reverse the accumulated deficit prevailing at the end of the first quarter of the year, a noteworthy monthly deficit of $416.1 million during May 2008 accentuated the overhanging cumulative deficit for the latter to reach $556.9 million," Bank Audi's Weekly Monitor said on Tuesday.
Twain, we hope to provide you with wholesale returns of fact out of trifling investments of conjecture.
Although that sounds trifling, the extensive bogs throughout the Siberian lowlands could together add 14 million metric tons of the greenhouse gas to the atmosphere each year.
Wesley's female characters are deliciously crafted, as she winningly details the stupid choices that smart women continually make when it comes to trifling men.
The contribution from the wind was trifling then and it is trifling now.
In an enterprise environment, the chore of modifying passwords becomes trifling; it brings it up to date for the user.
Buglisi's program note for her Against All Odds (Quand Meme) indicated that "with a simple gesture, a trifling inflection," actress Sarah Bernhardt brought her roles to life.