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a trifle

A little. I'm feeling a trifle hungry, but I don't want a big, heavy meal right now.
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trifle with (someone or something)

To treat or deal with someone or something in a frivolous or disrespectful manner. Often used in passive constructions. You can't just go through life trifling with people and their affections without any regard for their wellbeing. I wouldn't do that if I were you—the plans of the boss are not to be trifled with.
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mere trifle

1. An insignificant or unimportant thing or matter. A: "What do you make of the prediction that sales will take a steep drop next month?" B: "A mere trifle—if there is in fact a drop, it should have no bearing on our bottom line for the end-of-year profits." He dismissed the allegation as a mere trifle trying to distract from his campaign efforts.
2. A very small or trifling amount (of something). A: "No thank you, I couldn't eat another bite." B: "Oh, come now, it's just a tiny bit of chocolate—a mere trifle!" A: "I can't believe you would go out and buy a new car without consulting me!" B: "It only cost a mere trifle, so I didn't think you'd mind!"
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mere trifle

Fig. a tiny bit; a small, unimportant matter; a small amount of money. But this isn't expensive! It costs a mere trifle!
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trifle something away (on someone or something)

to waste something, such as money, on someone or something, little by little. Don't trifle all your money away on your friends. Don't trifle away any more money on silly purchases.
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trifle with someone or something

to act without seriousness or respect toward someone or something. Don't talk that way to me! I am not to be trifled with. I wish that Ann wouldn't trifle with our efforts at reform.
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trifle with

To play or toy with someone or something: Don't trifle with my affections. My strict boss is not someone to be trifled with.
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a trifle

A little; somewhat: a trifle stingy.
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1 Place 6 trifle sponges in the bottom of a glass serving bowl.
I've made every bit of the trifle from scratch, which makes it even more luxurious, but there are certain bits of it you can cheat with if you want to make your life a bit easier, or maybe there are certain elements you're just not confident about making.
Here pastry chef Ryan Butler presents his play on the classic trifle.
Sidoli's Black Cherry, Chocolate & Amaretto Trifle is sold in a clear plastic round tray with black cherry pieces layered with an amaretto soaked plain sponge and chocolate flavor mousse.
Independent military analyst Pavel Felgenhauer observes that while restoring the Red Army star "may look like a trifle .
Agnes de Mille's 1928 solo Debut at the Opera, a trifle reconstructed by Janet Eilber and set to Delibes's music, was wrung for comedy by veteran Trock Ida Nevasayneva (Paul Ghiselin) in a Degasesque saffron tutu.
A good night's sleep is not something to trifle with--we all work and feel our best with regular, restful sleep.
If preparing dinner leaves you a trifle short of breath, perhaps you should evaluate the range of cooking preparations involved.
HOLIDAY BUFFET FOR 10 TO 12 Buy-and-Serve Appetizers Garden Vegetables Curry Yogurt Dip Sugar-crusted Baked Ham Mustard Basket of Assorted Breads Marinated Vegetable Salad Bulgur Salad Christmas Rose Trifle Dry Red Wine Hot Cider Bar
Shanti Cafe, Saltburn - Gin Genie Trifle Ingredients: One lemon drizzle cake (from a previous recipe - Gazette 05.
UILDER Jo Fisher piled on the pounds after becoming addicted to takeaways and trifle.
So let's roll our sleeves up, carry on regardless, and crack on with this week's recipe, which is a slight re-imagining of the classic British dessert, the trifle.
His new cookbook Crispy Squirrel And Vimto Trifle offers 50 recipes from his extraordinary culinary adventures .