try back

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try back

To attempt to visit or contact some person or location following a failed previous attempt. A noun or pronoun can be used between "try" and "back," but only when referring to a phone call. Professor Smith has actually gone home for the day, but you can try back again tomorrow. No message, I'll just try him back later.
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try someone back (again)

to try to return someone's telephone call again. She's not in, so I'll try her back later. Jan will try her back.
See also: back, try

try back

1. To call or visit a location again as the continuation of an attempt to make contact with a person or place: The office is now closed, but you can try back during business hours.
2. To call or visit someone again as the continuation of an attempt to make contact: If I'm not around when you call, try me back tomorrow night.
See also: back, try

try someone back

See also: back, someone, try
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Poor Acklam defending allowed Rovers to pull two tries back for 25-22, but fortunately Acklam regained their composure, and Ashton scored twice thanks to two long kicks by Sudron and a 37-22 win.
Guarneri and Griggs got further tries back for Tata before the interval, but a converted Williams effort for Cardiff took the half-time score to 42-26.
Welsh pulled two tries back from prop Taione Vea and centre Nic Reynolds, fly-half Gordon Ross and Will Robinson adding the extras.
Hull pulled a couple of tries back either side of an Andrew Cuthill touchdown to reduce the deficit to 25-14, but that was as near they came to making it a genuine contest as further scores from Wrigley and Spiers took Huddersfield out to 37-14 at the break - the last try having been finished off with a rare conversion.
IESTYN HARRIS grabbed his first tries back in rugby league as the Bulls kept alive their hopes of a top-two finish last night.
The second half failed to live up to the first, but Cardiff did get tries back through Jimmy Norris and Dan Matthews, scores that sandwiched a debut try for Wales Under-18 wing Eli Walker.
The Saracens seemed to wake up in the second half and pulled a few tries back but some strong running from man of the match Tyler Davies and Sam Whitworth ensured the Sharks came out on top.
And though Gareth Raynor and Colin Best (twice) pulled tries back for Hull, a fifth try from Keiron Cunningham had already made the game safe for Saints, who finished strongly with a try from Samoan winger Dom Seaunati
Gareth Raynor and Colin Best (twice) pulled tries back for Hull, but scores from Keiron Cunningham and winger Dom Feaunati made the game safe for Saints.
It wasn't until the 57th minute that they increased the lead with a try from wing Lee Abdul which equalled the Aberavon seasonal try-scoring record, set by Dennis Curning with 28 tries back in 1972.
But Paul Devlin and Phil Cantillon pulled tries back for Widnes, who battled back in a passionate derby.