try (one's) luck

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try (one's) luck

To attempt to succeed in doing something for which success is not guaranteed, or that will rely at least in part on good fortune. I'll try my luck to see if I can get the lawnmower working, but we may have to bring it to a mechanic. The young billionaire, who made his fortune in the tech industry, is now trying his luck at the pharmaceutical market. I'll try my luck with the odd slot machine or lottery ticket, but otherwise I don't really care for gambling.
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try one's luck (at something)

to attempt to do something (where success requires luck). My great-grandfather came to California to try his luck at finding gold. I went into a gambling casino to try my luck.
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try your luck

COMMON If someone tries their luck, they try something and hope that it will be successful. The most obvious thing would be to try her luck in London. Someone told me there's a railway station at Wexter, and I thought I'd try my luck by rail again.
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try your luck (at something)

do something that involves risk or luck, hoping to succeed.
1964 Mary Stewart This Rough Magic I finally decided, after three years of juvenile leads in provincial rep that it was time to try my luck in London.
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try your ˈluck (at something)

try to do or get something, hoping you will succeed: A friend told me the job was available, so I thought I’d try my luck.
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try (one's) luck

To attempt something without knowing if one will be successful.
See also: luck, try
References in classic literature ?
All the neighbouring kings had offered rich rewards to anyone who should be able to destroy the monster, either by force or enchantment, and many had tried their luck, but all had miserably failed.
Organiser Trevor Day said 15 men tried their luck during the event.
Christian Poulsen and Daniel Jensen tried their luck from long range but Taylor was a rock in the Northern Ireland goal.
Nearly 60 other agrimarketers tried their luck in the JLF Squandertron, a unique feature that helped J.L.
Steve Thomson, Johnson and Butterfield all tried their luck from long-range but were off target.
Barnsley's Jacob Burns and Barry Conlon, and Yeovil's Darren Way then all tried their luck, but the game nevertheless remained goalless after 45 minutes.
Thousands of Mirror readers tried their luck yesterday.
Jimmy Quinn's Shrews sought an equaliser, but Cambridge had the best of the late chances as Tudor, Luke Guttridge, John Turner and Danny Webb all tried their luck during a late goalmouth scramble.