try back

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try back

To attempt to visit or contact some person or location following a failed previous attempt. A noun or pronoun can be used between "try" and "back," but only when referring to a phone call. Professor Smith has actually gone home for the day, but you can try back again tomorrow. No message, I'll just try him back later.
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try someone back (again)

to try to return someone's telephone call again. She's not in, so I'll try her back later. Jan will try her back.
See also: back, try

try back

1. To call or visit a location again as the continuation of an attempt to make contact with a person or place: The office is now closed, but you can try back during business hours.
2. To call or visit someone again as the continuation of an attempt to make contact: If I'm not around when you call, try me back tomorrow night.
See also: back, try

try someone back

See also: back, someone, try
References in classic literature ?
So they tried back slowly and sorrowfully, and found the lane, and went limping down it, plashing in the cold puddly ruts, and beginning to feel how the run had taken it out of them.
He was given a break after that and could not justify favouritism when tried back on the Flat at Wolverhampton in January but still sets a good standard on hurdling form now dropped to the basement grade.
If he can reproduce the form he showed over fences now that he's tried back over hurdles, he should be in the thick of things.
Galaxy Rock 4.10 Leicester SP forecast 4-7 Was tried back over hurdles after falling on chasing debut at Aintree in October and he again failed to complete back over fences at Folkestone on his penultimate start, but he finally got things right when impressively seeing off Flight Leader at Ffos Las last time out over three miles.
Interesting now tried back over six furlongs for the first time in almost a year.