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The cases of erstwhile Frontier Regions/merged sub-divisions, would be tried by Anti-Terrorism Courts currently trying cases of the respective districts of these subdivisions.
He and Cole played skate trivia and flopped around on the ground as they tried to Indian leg wrestle.
FOR THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS we tried our best to get as much done as we could while avoiding the other teams; although, at times it seemed impossible.
That thing's pretty hairy, so we tried some stuff, but ended up drop-in grinding it and having fun instead of stressing.
We huddled under the rain tarp and laughed nervously as Zero's photographer, Joey Shigeo, tried for over an hour to get up the helmet.
As we aimed for Bakersfield, CA, we tried to strategize.
I tried to stay in the game, occasionally tossing a few between beers.
Chris Miller: The first ones I tried were at a skate camp in St Louis in maybe 1986.
Jake Brown: I tried to take my life 180 but it went 540 3.7 days ago.
I've tried to make myself cry because it hurts so bad.
They suspended me and then tried to expel me because me and my brother were kind of known for being bad at school.