trick (one) into (doing something)

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trick (one) into (doing something)

To use deceptive, misleading, or fraudulent means in order to cause or convince one to do something. There have been reports of fraudsters trying to trick people into giving them their bank login details over the phone. I can't believe he tricked me into doing his work for him like this—I should have known better!
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trick someone into (doing) something

to fool someone; to deceive someone; to cheat someone. The thief tricked John into giving him $10. Mary tricked her friends into paying for her dinner.
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trick into

To cause someone to do or believe something by deceptive or fraudulent means: The con artist tricked me into believing that I had won a lottery.
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Also according to some findings, the condiment over stimulates the brain tricking one into thinking that food tastes really great, so the person consuming it not only wants to have more of that food but also want to go back to it.
Golightly fooled four men, even tricking one into believing she was a multi-millionaire businesswoman by turning up for dates with her chauffeur and pretending to take high-powered calls on her mobile.