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Has a bad trick of whirling around without cause It's his idea of a joke on his rider.
See you again next Sunday A.M., and just you bring along your whole basket of tricks, you old son-of-a-gun."
"I know all about the tricks of this road, but I have been thinking of something else and didn't realize where we were."
"It's the mirage!...It's the mirage!...Don't believe in the water!...It's another trick of the mirrors!..."
After all, I was thoroughly acquainted with most of Erik's "tricks;" and now or never was the time to turn my knowledge to account.
Then he flatly told me to shut up, with my tricks of the mirrors, my springs, my revolving doors and my palaces of illusions!
In tricks and skill and experience he was the master, and though he could land nothing vital, he proceeded scientifically to chop and wear down his opponent.
She saw at once that her husband had played this trick in order to get back to Black Hawk without her.
`I feel as if he is up to some of his tricks again, and is going to try to scare me, somehow.'
Tricks such as The Dagger Chest, fire-eating, escapology, mind-reading illusions and a saw trick are included in the sale at Hansons in London along with two handwritten notebooks detailing 63 tricks.
The main tricks that we enjoyed were the wool trick, the bed time story trick (where he read Mr Pease's mind) and the square root of long numbers.
"Halloween" means the holiday generally celebrated on October 31 and any related celebration, party, masquerade, trick or treat time or other related observance.
HUDDERSFIELD'S newest bar "played the ultimate trick" on customers by postponing its opening night - just hours before doors were due to open.
Each week the group have enjoyed seeing a different trick delivered by a magician, attempting to figure out 'how it's done,' and then having the chance to learn the secrets behind the trick and perform it themselves.