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in a flash

Immediately; very quickly; at once. Just call us on this number if you have any problems, and we'll be back in a flash. Don't worry, boss, I'll have this report typed up in a flash!
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in a flash

Fig. quickly; immediately. I'll be there in a flash. It happened in a flash. Suddenly my wallet was gone.
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in a flash

Also, in a jiffy or second or trice . Quickly, immediately. For example, I'll be with you in a flash, or He said he'd be done in a jiffy, or I'll be off the phone in a second, or I felt a drop or two, and in a trice there was a downpour. The first idiom alludes to a flash of lightning and dates from about 1800. The word jiffy, meaning "a short time," is of uncertain origin and dates from the late 1700s (as does the idiom using it); a second, literally one-sixtieth of a minute, has been used vaguely to mean "a very short time" since the early 1800s; and trice originally meant "a single pull at something" and has been used figuratively since the 1500s.
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in a trice

in a moment; very quickly.
In late Middle English, at a trice meant ‘at one pull or tug’, and it soon developed the figurative meaning of ‘in a moment, immediately’. By the late 17th century the original form of the expression had given way to the more familiar in a trice. Trice itself comes from a Middle Dutch verb meaning ‘hoist’.
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in a ˈtrice

very quickly or suddenly: He was gone in a trice.
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in a flash

mod. right away; immediately. (see also flash.) Get over here in a flash, or else.
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