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pay tribute to (someone or something)

To do something as a way of publicly showing respect or admiration for a particular person, group, or thing. The movie pays tribute to an old adventure serial that ran on television in the mid-1930s. Fans across the world are paying tribute to the pop star following his sudden death.
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floral tribute

euphemism Flowers used to honor the dead, as at a funeral or grave. On Mother's Day, floral tributes filled every corner of the cemetery. I sent a floral tribute to Ron's funeral because I was out of town.
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floral tribute

Euph. flowers sent to a funeral. The church was filled with floral tributes. Did you wish to make any arrangements for floral tributes at your grandmother's funeral?
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pay tribute to someone or something

Fig. to salute someone or something; to give public recognition to someone or something. Many of Judy's friends gathered to pay tribute to her. We will have a reception to pay tribute to the work of the committee.
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pay ˈtribute to somebody/something

show that you respect or admire somebody/something: Members of the musical profession paid tribute to the late Leonard Bernstein.In the past, people often had to pay tribute to a ruler, which meant paying money in return for protection or for not being attacked.
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Based in the UK, PLATINUM have not only won over discerning ABBA fans from close to home, but have responded to everincreasing demand and taken their spectacular ABBA tribute show around the world as word of their perfectionism spreads.
Hailing from London and formed in 2000, this tribute band have performed in all major venues in the UK, as well as touring Europe, making sure that no fan misses a thing.
THE line-up for this year's GlastonBARRY event has been announced, with tributes to the likes of Queen, Michael Jackson and Bon Jovi among the performances.
Pakistan Tahreek Insaf (PTI) Hyderabad Chapter also led the rally outside HPC and paid rich tribute martyrs.
With the strapline 'Stay Independent', the Tribute Portfolio will comprise independent hotels with a firm focus on four-star and upscale hotels.
Iron Maidens, an all-girl Iron Maiden tribute act, have been at it for nearly 15 years.
Simon Jones' young sons with their tribute to Phil Hughes
Written within the theoretical framework of the tribute system, Takeshi Hamashita's work China, East Asia, and the Global Economy: Regional and Historical Perspectives develops and challenges Fairbank's hypothesis of Tribute System.
The person or persons chosen will be honored following the five-mile Tribute Road Race on Saturday, May 10.
A FAMILY has told of its heartache after a row broke out over the placing of floral tributes at the spot where a 16-year-old girl died in a road accident.
Every year the Emmy Awards has a Memoriam segment where they pay tribute to the deceased.
8220;Each of the tribute video clips the staff at Frazer Consultants creates is meant to enhance and further personalize the tributes that funeral professionals create for the families they serve,” said Matt Frazer, Consultant with Frazer Consultants.
The LTA (Local Traffic Authority) shall not touch or move the tribute and the soft estate within 10 metres of the tribute shall not be maintained until the tribute is removed.
AN energetic night's entertainment has been lined up to pay tribute to two popular international singers.
LIVERPOOL'S two Premiership clubs will each pay tribute to Merseyside soldier Mark Burgan at their next home games.